Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

Transport for London




Don’t say you manipulated anyone though!

My example was with colleagues rather than customers. I felt I hadn’t passed so I have still have mixed advice on advising others about this lol!

I received the disabled customer example last year!

Btw FoxyRoxy did you get to the interview stage during the 2012 or 2013 recruitment drive?


WWoL fortunately I didn’t use that example so I have that one saved for further use! It’s good to know that that approach to the question works as well.

They say that they monitor responses for duplication so use your examples carefully!


Just had my phone interview , was so nervous but I think i did my best fingers cross.
Thank you everyone everything on here is was very helpful .
One think my interview was only 12 mins would that penalise me?


It’s surely more what you say than how much you said?


FoxyRoxy, Is the role play a group assessment? Or a one-on-one assessment?


I failed the role play last time. The worst part was waiting for the result IMO!

What did you do for the alternative route FoxyRoxy?

It’s a solo assessment WWoL- 1on1 with an observer taking notes.


Hi guys just received an email telling me that I passed my telephone interview. (So so happy) and has informed me that the next stage will be in December. So time now to revise and practice for the next stage. Good luck everyone waiting for their results :slight_smile:


Hi people, my telephone interview is tomorrow and I am really very nervous. I don’t know how to prepare for the questions. I just hope I’ll be good enough to make it to the next stage. Yes I am a lurker but it does help reading all this and knowing I’m not the only one worried. :slight_smile:


I missed my phone interview today for TFL. I actually had a typo on my mobile phone number and so they didn’t get through to me. My interview was 5pm and i waited for 30 minutes. I beating myself up so bad for this mistake. Can i phone them back tommorrow and reschedule or is it too late :frowning:


FoxyRoxy is right! Just phone and rebook- however emphasise that it wasn’t really your fault so that you keep your 1 chance to rebook


Hopefully we all get through lol!


Don’t need to worry
Try to call them or contact explain the situation
Hope they will understand
Best of luck


Yh it’s says on the thing that you have 2 tries so try call to book another one


Thanks for reasurring me foxy and manor. My mind is at ease now, i really hope i can rebook it.


Only just started lurking Today. Got my telephone interview tomorrow. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


They’re all very nice and the process seems rather fair. Maybe see some of you at the assessment centre lol?!


Great news guys. I’ve managed to rebook and I’m so over the moon right now because I thought I blew my chance and I really need this job. Thank you all for putting me at ease. Really appreciate your support and reassurance.


No problem! Just think of it as more time to prepare!


Yes who would have thought such a moment of dispair worked to my advantage :slight_smile: BTW can anyone shed light on what is meant by result focus. Does it relate to customer service or any result you strived towards?