Transport for London (TfL) Customer Service Assistant (CSA) [2017 Update]

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Hey -I’ve been scouring the internet looking for forums about TfL recruitment and haven’t found anything so I’m making my own!

Apparently they have kept the application open for 3 months to get 20,000 applications!

Has anyone got through to the telephone interview stage yet?


In reply to your question regarding what questions the interviewer asks on the telephone interview process, it is based on three type of competencies, Customer Service Orientation, Communication & Influence, and lastly Results Focus. First question asked was:
“When have you gone the extra mile for a customer? Why did you think this was good customer service”
“When have you had to provide clear communication to a customer and how was the outcome based on your influence”
“When have you had to do something to get a good result” - I didn’t answer this from a CS POV but from a Team Leader POV, *the last two questions shouldn’t be quoted because I forgot the initial questions itself, but it was more-or-less the same thing.


Should have noted, I passed my telephone interview last week. Best advice, explain the example you’re giving to the best extent you can. With more emphasis on how well you carried out each task. Keyword, ‘you’ and not ‘we’.


Good luck to all!

Has anyone attended the role-play assessment this year? Any advice, scenario question, would be appreciated! Thanks.


How would you answer a question about drive?


I was not asked a question about my drive towards goals/results. Just about when I have achieved a result, I gave an example of assisting a customer in need, and how I achieved success based on the situation. What I did in the situation, and what the outcome was. This is the crucial points you need to answer, as they are looking for what you did in the circumstance, and how you went about achieving success in the situation. As I said, I did not note the questions down as I did not know a forum was created to help others, I stumbled upon this post looking for any advice on the role-play scenario.

Let me know if I can be of any further help. I’ll try my best to answer as greatly and detailed.


I had my phone interview today. Results, customer focus and communication.

Time for yet more waiting lol.

It’s good that there’s 3 of us here now lol, probably a lot more lurkers though ha!


Hey everyone! I am a lurker but decided to join the site so I can get chatting to you! So glad I found this page! I have a telephone interview this week, a little nervous but overall excited. Can you give me any advise? In the email I received it outlines the competencies I will have to reflect on: Results Focus, Communication and Influence, Customer Service Orientation. Is this similar to everyone else who has been interviewed so far? How long did you take to answer each question? I worry I talk to fast so may not give much of an answer


I can imagine there being more such lurkers! Lol. Feel free to join to anyone reading this post. We can all help each other.

@peachm. If you refer to my earlier post, you will see I highlighted these competencies with 3 individual questions they asked me. I’m pretty sure they will be similar to everyone else being interviewed via telephone.
In regards to how long the conversation is/was, don’t measure it by time. Instead by the detail of your answers. The more detail you give, naturally the longer the answer will be. Be calm and collective, don’t pace yourself, but don’t slow down to a point where it seems as if your reading off a screen. Wise words, just talk about a situation you remember from memory, rather than noting one down extensively and reading it word for word. Maybe note it down if it helps you and you can refer to it while taking the interview for some points you may have forgotten.


Hi Guys i had my telephone interview yesterday. not really sure how it went, first 2 questions went well and after each he said that was a good answer but on the third i felt it went badly and he did not say anything but fingers crossed. how long did it take you guys to get a yes or a no?


I passed that stage!
I was really worried to be honest

The telephone interview lasted 22 minutes!

The communication & influence question made me work hard!

It only took 2 days to be told that I had passed!

Tips on the Role Play will be very welcome as it caught me out last time


Hello everyone



Greatly appreciate the opening of this forum. I have my telephone interview next week nervous would be an understatement not really good at telephone interviews so having this forum has helped to ease the nerves and prep a little so many thanks. I just wanted to respond to the comment from FoxyRoxy about the type of contract whether it was fixed term or permanent? Has anyone found out?


Thanks!I got a wheelchair passenger making a journey during disruption

What stages did you get to FoxyRoxy in 2012 and 2013?

They asked for an example of me influencing people.


I haven’t asked about contract length as I’ve been too nervous!

However it says 12 months+ on the job ad. Which is more or less permanent in the contemporary job market- jobs for life have almost disappeared since the 1990s lol!


I think we are lucky as the number of jobs must be relatively high for the job to be on so long. Anyone with advice for the role play PLEASE share:)

Also FoxyRoxy I was worried as the interviewer kept prompting me and asking if I had anymore to add! That’s why I didn’t comment for a while lol!

P.S all lurkers please make an account and comment so we can all share experiences !
Hopefully this can become a community of new CSAs (fingers crossed lol!).

PPS TfL is a brilliant employer!


Nice to see a few joining the community and engaging. Well done to those who passed the telephone interview, and to those who are soon undertaking theirs, I wish you the best! Hard to say keep calm, but its the experience that counts as you only better yourself each time you get to a stage like this.


Hello everyone is not one
Can help me with commucation and influence question?
What kind of answer it should be?
It would be help any one have any example.


Hello everyone is not one
Can help me with commucation and influence question?
What kind of answer it should be?
It would be help any one have any example.


Thanks for sharing your experience.Would you know if there were any other role play situations apart from the disabled one