Transport for london interview (transport specialism)

Transport for London

Had a tfl telephone interview and just want to help others getting onto the schemes they offer.

The competencies they require are written on the website so if you make a list of examples this should suffice. However, the way they phase the question may make your prepared answers unsuitable.

For example, Customer focus:
‘Please give me an example of a time when you have gone out of your way/exceeded expectations to help a customer/client?’

I gave an answer but this didn’t suit the probing questions of ‘what feedback did you receive?’ and ‘what were your motivations?’

I found this question pretty difficult and the tone of the interviewer really automated, She didn’t laugh or show any personality throughout the interview, which only made me more nervous. I received a reply almost immediately. I haven’t read it because I fear I have been rejected (will probably check on Sunday).

Hope this helps!


thanks for your post.
Did you say they repiled almost immediately?? When did you do the phone interview and what was ur final outcome…

Thanks again for your help


Hi there,

Velvetpigeon - best of luck, hope it was a positive response that you got.

I did a phone interview with TfL this week too. Tbh I found that the interviewer was fine under the circumstances (kinda like a driving test - they can’t be your friend).

Much like a few others on this site have said, the interview focusses on the key competencies they describe on their website (“What we look for”, or something like that). You’ll likely be asked about three of them. Maybe try to have two examples for each one though, as I was asked to provide extra examples.

I haven’t received a response, though based upon what I’ve read on this site and what the interviewer told me I don’t expect to receive one for at least a couple weeks.


Hey guys,

I checked the reply and it just said they will get back to me. I asked her for feedback in the interview though and she didn’t sound too optimistic. I havent heard anything since. Just though i would give other people a heads up. Goodluck to you both. what schemes you apply for?


Did you ever hear back from them? Trying to suss out how long the wait for a reply can be!


Hi all4mckay,

I had mine on the 5th January I think. Still haven’t heard back, so I’ll probably call them tomorrow or Friday. Hope it went well for you!


I have emailed early jan and haven’t heard anything back. I don’t think it went well tbh.


Thanks for the reply Woodsy & VP. Sounds like we’re all in the same boat!


guys, just to let you know i had my telephone interview at the end of october, and didnt hear anything back until january! 3 months! so don’t be too disheartened if you dont hear anything back for a little while.

i just had the assessment centre last thursday, if anyone wants any advice let me know in this thread. i’m waiting for a response to hear whether i have been successful or not for the surface transport project management scheme


Cheers mikeyallen5

I actually got in touch with tfl a few days ago and they said they were still working through the phone interviews and it might be a while longer. A lot longer judging by your experience!

Hope you get good news from them!


I have an assessment day in a few weeks time for the modelling and transport planning position. Just wondering if anyone could share their experience?


Hi Mikey, how did you find the assessment centre? I have mine in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if you could give me some advice and let me know the what to expect.

By the way did have hesrd back from TFL yet? I hope it was good news if you did!


Hi all,

I’m in the same boat as a few of you; had my telephone interview nearly a month ago but still no word back yet, despite the interviewer saying that it would be two weeks.

Are they going to have time to run any more assessment centres or should I just give up hope?



Don’t give up just yet, I had to wait around a month after I had my telephone interview before I got a reply from TFL. You could send them a mail or call if you have a number for the right department and ask them how far along the recruitment process you are.


How’s it going for you guys that are still waiting? It’s been so long since interviewing and not hearing back I lost hope and am interviewing for other jobs. :frowning:


Traffic Recorder Position. Hi guys i had an interview on the 21st of October for the above position, but haven’t heard anything back from TFL, do you think i should give up hope or have they concluded their recruitment without giving individuals feedbacks on the assessment, or has anyone heard anything from TFL based on the traffic recorder position.


Hi there,

I have just heard I got through to the assessment centre this tuesday… a little panicked about the presentation… can you advise the kind of they they are looking for or asked you about it please?!?

Hope you passed!

Cheers :slight_smile:


hi Kate.duffy84,
How it went? Was it ok?
I am having mine tomorrow. What is your presentation topic? My is Cycle Hire Scheme, just wondering if we are all having the same topic.
Is it possible to give some insights on the groupwork and written excercise?


Hi yyanan123

The assessment centre was ok… the group exercise we had was trying to decide where to implement tube cooling - it’s straight forward - read all the info and make sure you read the seperate letter from your stakeholder group - the written assessment is straight after and is pretty much a project plan of how to implement what your team decides.

Had a different topic but the guys there are very friendly - talk about engaging stakeholders and planning the project (have a look at the PRINCE2 stages on wikipedia)

Good luck.


Thank you very much Kate.duffy84, I wish you all the best of luck.
One more question, how was the compentancy interview? What compentacy are covered? Life saver…