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Hi, is there anyone that could help me, i have got a verbal reasoning assessment for TFL on thursday and would be greatful if anyone who has taken the test could provide me with some general information.


Sorry, don’t have any info for you, but i’ve got my assessment on Thursday as well.

As far as i know it’s just verbal reasoning so the practice test on this site should help, as well as any others you can find. Other than that i don’t think there is much more you can do to prepare.


thanks! and goodluck


See - [[Transport for London (TFL) Interview Questions]]


Hey I dont have any infor either but i have my test on thurs too. I am just going to use the practice test on this site and look for others. i will let u know if i come across any good sites.

good luck


Thanks, ive done the pratice test on this site, im looking for some others, if i here anything i will also let you know.

best wishes for thursday x


ok thanks.

what time is ur test? morning or afternoon?


Mine is at 11:00…


Mine is also at 11.00, what time is yours?


min is at 10.00 on thur

may see u then


Do u guys know whether the verbal reasoning test also includes a numerical test?


anyone have theirs at 9?


i dont know if it includes a numerical test. i hope not


How many training contracts are tfl offering in total?


Read this thread on the TfL assessment centre - [[TfL Graduate Scheme Application Process]] and see the wiki at [[Transport for London (TfL) Interview Questions]].

To my knowledge, the test does include a [[numerical reasoning]] section.

Please mention WikiJob to your assessors (especially if they ask you how you prepared!) tomorrow, or on the day of your [[assessment centre]].

Good luck!


hey guys i’ve got my tfl test on wednesday. apparently it only lasts 20 mins so it’s prob similar to this one. the reason we have hour slots is to fill in other random forms :-S. i’ll let u know how it goes!


Thanks Trish!


also regarding the reference agreement from, do we have to take that to the assessment centre or is that only needed if we get through to the 2nd stage??


I think it’s best to just fill it in and take it with you on the day.


oh ok thanks!!