Transfer to Deloitte UK


Does any one had a transfer from one office to another within the same firm? how does it work out? do I have to go through the same process as a normal candidate does or would it be relaxed?

I am working as an audit semi senior at Deloitte Middle East.(as per Deloitte UK hierarchy it is something between an associate and senior associate)

Recently I got my Tier 1 Visa (General Migrant) and moving to London/Manchester. I have already requested a transfer to one of the UK offices. Preferably (London, Gatwick,St Albans and Manchester).

My local partner is happy with me and is willing to provide full support for a successful transfer. My case has been forwarded to Beirut office (head office for middle east). A senior manager from Beirut office dealing with the transfers has taken my CV and asked me to apply for a job online. She also said to inform her once I have submitted the application.

I have already made the application and informed her. Currently waiting for the response from them.

Please help what should I be expecting next? any suggestion for preparation?