Tranport Consultancy - Graduate


Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of advice regarding an upcoming assessment centre for a graduate job in London. The job is in relation to transport consultancy. I am currently nearing the end of my Msc Transportation Engineering and so feel I am suitably qualified. I just want to nail the assessment centre on the day as it is my dream job.

I have attended an assessment centre before and did quite well apart from giving a stupid answer to a question in the interview that basically automatically ruled me out of the job. This time around I feel I am more prepared but would still like some advice/tips from people to make sure I am covering everything.
The layout of the day is as follow:

• Group Discussion
• Group-Problem solving exercise
• Written Exercise
• Interviews

The layout seems pretty standard but do you think there is anything specific I should prepare before hand? I have researched the company extensively (What they do? Where they do it? Management Structure? Their Values) and have typed up answers to as many competency based questions as I can conjure up.

The unfortunate thing however is though that the assessment centre will be taking place in between 2 exams (one the day before and one after) so I really need to do as much preparation now while I have the time.

Also, probably a silly question but on the day would it be advisable to bring some sort of bag/laptop bag etc to carry documentation etc or is this just over the top? I remember at my last ac one of the other candidates brought a calculator in his suit pocket and used it in one of the exercises (it wasn’t necessary but I felt it showed great preparation). Oh and finally I assume it is full suit attire yes?