Training programmes for financial analysts


Hi everybody

I’m considering doing one of these but any recommendations would be good. Has anyone done a course with BlueBook, for example? What should I look for when evaluating these types of programmes?

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I recently completed the BlueBook analyst course, I would definitely recommend it, if you want to add some solid financial analyst experience on to your CV.

I was taught in house by finance professionals, it was a week long intensive course, but you really learn at a good pace. When I was there, I created a financial model on the company Accenture, we learnt how to analyse financial statements, banks research and create a forecasting model- this is the kind of stuff you would have to do if you got a job as a financial analyst, so it’s really good to get this first hand experience and I found it really made me stand out when applying to jobs etc. In fact after making my financial model on Accenture I believe it played a big part in me bagging a graduate job there, they seemed really impressed at the interview stage, that I pro-actively did something like this.

My BlueBook on Accenture has been uploaded online for you to see at:

The training course is also a good way to network with experienced professionals and other candidates/students you will be working with, it turned out to be really fun and at the end you will have a BlueBook portfolio to showcase!


Thanks Ritesh. Bluebook sounds great, I will be sure to check it out and take a look at your presentation :smiley: