training fees


Is it true that you have to pay back training fees if you leave? What if you fail an exam?


When I quit my job at PwC, I had to repay ?2000. If you get sacked, you don’t have to pay anything. It’s just if you leave voluntarily (i.e. resign).

Usually you will get sacked if you bad fail an exam (less than 45%) or fail an exam twice (less than 55%).

In retrospect, getting sacked might have been a better plan, if a little harsher on the emotions. Repaying ?2000 to an employer you didn’t particularly enjoy working for is a real kick in the teeth.


Unlucky mate. ?2000 is a real shitter.


You had the chance of a) paying back ?2000 to a company richer than God or b) walking in to your most arrogant, annoying, manipulative boss’s office and kick-starting a fightclub style blood bath right in front of them.

You need a trip to Vegas.

Rock n roll!


lol i wish i had done that.


That’s really harsh. Can they do it? Is it legal? What if you don’t pay them back?


Do you only have to pay if you leave before you’ve finished your training contract?? Can they still make you pay if you stay with them for say 5 years?


Hi chris i was wondering did this affect your job prospects with other accountancy firms? Did they ask why you left PWC and do big 4 firms call your last employer to ask if they would hire you again?

I spent 6 months working with a Maltese company at their representative office in London and I just quit. I quit cause i just couldnt stand the attitude of my employers and was not learning anything so decided to just get a regular part time job whilst Im at uni doing my masters. I left on what i would call amicable terms and I have a reference letter from the Managing Director which states that I left of my own free will. Im just worried that potential employers will call the company and they will not recommend me as the manager of my department has been telling my colleagues that my work was good but my attitude was terrible, could this happen? and will I have problems when applying for a grad position?