Training Contracts and vacation placements!


Where can I find out all the dates to apply for Training Contracts and Vacation placements?!!


I’m not sure if there is a central resource but I htink most of the training contracts start at roughly the same time, so the application dates are similar. Usually most contracts start in September, but applications are often taken on a continuous basis, especially in the larger firms. You should look at the individual firm site’s and see what they say. Don’t believe what you read elsewhere, it’s not guaranteed to be right.

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You need to consult the following… AND

All the major law firms, their Training contract deadlines and their vacation placement deadlines are available at law careers and the law society has more useful information on the application process and lawyer life.

Unfortunately almost every law firms is different in terms of Training contracts, Vacation placements, deadlines and applications. You will need to research the law and decide what kind of company you want to apply for in terms of…1) Size 2) potential earnings 3) training 4) Areas of law they cover 5) location 6) global reach and 7) How well they are doing.will be doing. Then you will need to apply to your chosen companies… this should be between 10 to 20 out of the hundreds and thousands out there.

Apply early for both TC’s and VC’s. TC deadlines are sometimes one, two or THREE years before your potential start date. VC deadlines are sometimes September to December the year before your place.

RESEARCH my friend!