Training Contract Offer by a US firm


I was offered a trainingcontract by a US firm. However, I feel a bit concerned and worried by the fact that they do not intend to give me a formal offer letter until I have completed my LLB (which is one year later). Indeed, they simly gave me the offer by email without telling me the employment terms or details (inc. the salary) and asked me to accept the offer by email.
Is it an odd practice? And should I ask them to give me a formal offer letter earlier? I feel so insecure that they may withdraw my offer easily under such circumstances.

Many thanks for your help!


That seems odd. Perhaps it’s an American thing. The bottom line is though that I wouldn’t be happy working towards something unless I had a contract. Are they providing funding for your LPC? If they are, at least you can feel a little more secure in that if they’ve given you cash, and put money on the table, they’ll probably stick to their word. However, frankly, if they want you, they should provide a contract stating that they will definitely hire you. I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less. I’d definitely call them up and find out if they can put you at ease.

Well done for getting the offer though. American firm = mega bucks. Lucky you!


The SRA handbook states that you are supposed to get an offer for a TC via a formal letter. I ould strongly advise you to contact the firm and ask them why they are behaving in a peculiar manner!!


Thank you very much for both of your comments!

I end up accepting the offer and just asked for further details about the TC. They did reply in that regard and they insisted that a formal offer letter wont be issued until I graduate successfuly(which means I have to wait 2 more years). I can tell from their response that they are pretty tough on this line and won’t yield to any pressure to change their policy.=.=

I think they may wanna get around this e-offer in case they found a candidate better than me or their business no longer needs a TS (I found that they have closed down several overseas offices). Any guessing on the reasons for their behaviour are welcome here:P

Since the firm is not located in the UK, I have sent an equiry to my local law society and the reply is await.

To prepare for the worst, I will keep on looking for jobs!


oh so you TC offer is not for the UK? if that is the case, then I am not sure about the rules and regulations about law firms making formal offers!!