Training contract interviews

Slaughter And May

Hi I am applying for training contracts and was wondering if anyone here got in the past without any work experience. I’ve just finished a PhD from Cambridge and have good academics. But I think I’ll be stumped if they ask me why I want a law career without having done a vacation placement. Slaughter and May say that you don’t need to have done one but they’ll still ask about it when the interview comes. Does anyone have any advice about what I could say? I am interested in the law but can’t really show that without experience. Help please.

Thanks in advance


Have you had no legal work experience whatsoever? Did you study law at uni?

If not you really are going to struggle to justify why you’re pursuing a legal career. Have you got through to interview yet? Nearly all firms will ask you to explain why you’re interested in law on your application form. My main piece of advice really would be to go out this summer and try to get as much experience as possible even if it’s just a week shuffling paper in your local high street firm.