Training Contract at Magic Circle- 2.2?!


I’m an Oxford student and have managed to land a training contract at a magic circle law firm and my contract says I need a 2.1.

However, I have had a very tough year due to a massive family problem and I’m worried I might get a 2.2.

Will this Magic circle firm still be likely to take me on if I get a 2.2?
Would they be likely to take me on in 2011 instead of 2010 and let me defer my exams until next summer?

Help me, I’m in such a mess!


Hello Inamess,

First of all - deep breath, calm down, relax, think positive. It’s all going to be ok :slight_smile:

Your Training Contract is a exactly this, a contract, and it does require you to fulfil all obligations as stated by your employer. This means that if they’ve asked you to get a 2.1, you need to get a 2.1…


Law firms and their HR departments aren’t completely inhuman and they DO take into consideration things such as personal factors and problems. They obviously really like you (getting a TC for a Magic Circle firm means you impressed them - statistically you were in the top 2% of all people interviewed) and they won’t want to lose you as long as you can verify that you would have got at least a 2.1 had it not been for your current problems.


…right now, not tomorrow but right now, you need to talk to your personal tutor at Uni and talk to HR at your MC firm.

You’ll need to talk to your Uni tutor to arrange for them to contact your MC firm by writing a letter colaborating your story. You might also need to get a doctor/lawyer/family member to write to your Uni tutor to collaborate your story before your Uni tutor will agree to do this.

You also need to call the HR at your MC firm and discuss where you stand. Talk about your problems and find out what their view of things are, and what they’ve done when this kind of thing has happened in the past (and believe me, this kind of thing does happen, all the time).


If you do choose to defer your exams this summer to next summer your Magic Circle firm are 99.9% likely to offer you a TC for the consecutive year. As I said before, these people aren’t inhuman, they like you, they really want you to work for them. You are a valuable asset to THEM!!! Remember this… you are going to make them a LOT more money than they’ll be paying you. If you are really struggling, this might be the best option, but check with your firm’s HR before you talk about this with your Uni.


… you might still get your 2.1. Be confident. If you’ve been offered a TC it’s for a reason. If you’re studying at Oxford, it’s for a reason. I bet you ace your exams. Studying can give you a focus when you have problems, just make sure you keep calm and try to relax.

Good luck - I hope your problems work out (really, I know what it’s like, I had my own during my last year of Uni) and if you’d like to contribute to the forums or our wikis at Interview Questions for PwC, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Accenture and more - WikiJob regarding how you got your TC and the application process that you engaged in, it would be much appreciated!




I agree with Ed… you won’t be the first to have this problem; it’s pretty standard. You should discuss it with them ASAP; if you have reasonable ground they may accept you on a 2.2, failing that you can tell them you are prepared to defer your exams and give them a 2.1 if they would prefer.

As they’ve already offered you a place, they are likely to be quite considerate of your circumstances; as as said in the previous post, they WANT you to work for them, so they will try and make sure you do.


And bludy well done for getting a training contract with an MC firm!!! Thats is impossible, so you must have some very good stuff going for you!!


I took your advice and contacted my firm, and you were right- they are happy to defer my contract :slight_smile: Thanks for your advice and I will post my advice about applications as soon as I can :slight_smile: x :slight_smile:


Glad we could help and I look forward to your advice :slight_smile: