Trading Internships


Has anyone done a trading internship with an investment bank before, and if you have, did you enjoy it and did you find it easy or hard compared to what your expected?

I am interning in trading with [[UBS]] this summer. Does anyone have any idea of what it is like there for an internship? If you did an internship, did you get offered a job?



I know somebody who did trading there as a job. She seemed to love it! She was doing [[derivatives]] [[trading]] at [[UBS]] at Finsbury Avenue. In her words, “everyone should give it a go”.

In terms of [[internships]] though I’m not sure I can be of much help!


Hi Chups. Do you have previous experience in trading to secure that internship? Cos I have an interview with Barcap coming and would love to know what to expect for trading. Thanks.


Generally you don’t need any prior experience for an internship - although it helps. You should be aware of what you will be doing as a trader though, on a day to day basis, and why you want to do it!

Point of note: as an intern, and any trading internship, the FSA regulations massively limit what you can actually do. Be prepared to learn more than you actually get involved with!


Thanks Redsuperted. How about pple trading with individual accounts in forex, options etc? Is that in a way similar to what traders do in a bank? I guess my motivations are my interest in working in dynamic environments and interest in how financial markets affect asset prices? Is that credible?