Toys R US Telephone Interview


I have a telephone interview with Toys R US next week and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? What sort of questions were you asked?


Hi Jack,

I was just wondering if you had your telephone interview? I have one next week and was wondering if you could shed some light onto some of the questions? Also, what is the process following the telephone interview?

I would be so grateful if you could answer the above!



hi jobapplicant,
how did your telephone interview go? great i hope
this is my second time of applying for a grad scheme wv toys r us, and now iv finally gotten a telephone interview scheduled for next week
il be really grateful if you could share some insight into how it went, the sort of questions to expect - just to help me ease the quavering fear in my belly :slight_smile:


hey can anyone give some feedback on the telephone interview?


hey I was just wondering, did you guys have a group interview before your telephone interview :S ?