Toyota graudate scheme 2012


Hi guys/gals,

I haven’t seen one of these for toyota on here yet so I thought I would start one since I have passed the first phase.

For those that don’t know this is the process (just the main bits really as there ar eother things like medical etc)


  1. On-line Application
  2. Assessment test
  3. Assessment centre
  4. final interview

I have questions about the 2 online tests as I will be doing them soon since I passed the on-line application phase.

Has Anyone done the 2 online tests before? What types were they? I assume numerical reasoning and diagrammatic ones?

Thank you.


Hi Jabbs,

Have not done them for toyota, but will probably be similar to other companies (SHL).

I am waiting for the invite to the online tests as well, as had an email in December saying i had progressed to this stage but have still heard nothing since.


hi just did the online test. found the quite challenging. has any one else done it? how long does it take to find out the results?


Good luck Irfan,

I got the invite on monday and have been practicing since then. I know it is quite difficult. How you done any other tests to compare to?

I did do the undergraduate scheme one back in 2009 and found it extremely challenging but I had never done the test and assumed it would be engineering related lol but I am prepared for them since that first time.


thanks man, i guess im in your position when you first applied- i had no idea it would be like that. ill definitely make sure i practice loads next time!

point of information for every one else!! find loads of logic and numerical reasoning tests to practice on first! they take some getting used to!!


Yeah, These are more statistical maths really and the logic tests really are logic.

I just did my tests and found them fairly simple I wasn’t too sure about a couple in the numerical but I found the diagramtic tests quite easy lol let’s hope it reflects in the results.

Definitley easier than jaguars saville test and the SHL tests.

Anyone know when I should be expecting a response ?


Just did mine for Finance. No idea when I’ll be hearing back. Hopefully soon as I really want to work there! :slight_smile:


Did mine for finance as well, weren’t to bad i don’t think.

Also thought they were easier than jag/land rover

Waiting to hear back from both.



I have just completed the tests for the HR scheme! Has anyone heard back? Do you know how long it takes to hear back?

Bella x


Still haven’t heard back for Finance! People should start hearing back soon as Assessment centres start in March.


Have been invited to an A/C last friday for the 20th March for finance.\

email says that no prep is needed so am unsure what to expect on the day?


Wow that is a lot of notice for an A/C, other grad schemes I have applied to have only given me a max weeks notice before the A/C! I hope they get back to me soon, I really want this one!!!


any one heard back for the engineering stream yet?? even if its a rejection


Hey all, I received an email a couple of weeks ago inviting me to the assessment centre for the engineering scheme on Tuesday 20th March.

Does anyone know what to expect in the way of testing or interviews? Have been told not to prepare or bring anything other than myself which seemed a bit odd.


I got an invite to the finance assessment centre on 20th March, anyone know what to expect? There’s nothing on Toyota anywhere.


Hi Dan

I know it does seem very odd

let me know how it goes… I am due down on the 27th

Its also a very short day so might more stages after this

anyways good luck buddy

Let me know how u get on


To Irfan

have done anything with Toyota

if so… what was the outcomes and what happen on the day

hit me back



I have a undergraduate Finance assessment centre on Monday 26th and I also have been told to do no preparation, is this because you do don’t actually do an interview on the day?
I imagine the graduate assessment days are similar to undergraduate so what activities do you actually do on the day?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have 4 interviews in 3 days and there’s a lot to take in!



I had a Toyota assessment centre last week.

Everybody is together; graduates, UGs, engineers, finances etc. The interview is very laid back and you will have a very lengthy online assessment - although this varies by discipline. You will also have two team exercises, which are very enjoyable.

There’s really nothing to worry about at all - it was a very relaxing day, and no you really don’t need to prepare at all.



Nice one mate…

Hope you done well

what is the lengthy online assessment about?

how technical is the one to one interview?