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Willis Towers Watson

Hi guys,

I’ve got a telephone interview coming up soon. Has had a recent interview? If so what is your advice? What questions were asked?
Any help appreciated.




have you had it yet? i have one for consulting but don’t know what they will ask! so nervous!!


Standard competency questions really.

The only obscure question asked was:
‘Give an example of when you had to organise and event or project and how did you go about prioritising activities’

The interviewer seemed to want a really thorough answer.

  1. Competency - Client focus, building relationships
    A time you had to build a relationship with someone who was difficult and not easy to approach.
  2. Competency - Results focussed providing high quality and timely work.
    A time you’ve managed a challenging event and project to a deadline.
  3. Competency - Collaboration, creating a high performance environment to achieve success.
    Time you’ve worked in a group when your opinion was different from someone else.
  4. Competency - Leadership, Innovation and Improvement
    Time you initiated and/or implemented a new idea to something.

Hope this helps someone.

Have any of you above heard about December AC dates? Is there more than one? What are the dates of the ones you know of?


I have a telephone interview on Thursday; is it safe to focus solely on my responses to competency-based questions and little else? I feel a bit apprehensive about not preparing for technical/case study questions, but judging by the experiences of others, it seems like it’s a fairly safe gamble. Anyone beg to differ?


Anyone have an AC coming up? Just got my invite this morning.


Hi, has anyone got an or had an AC in Birmingham for Benefits? Any info would be appreciated.