Towers Watson or Hewitt Associates?

Willis Towers Watson
Hewitt Associates

I have offers from both for the actuarial graduate scheme
Anyone got any opinions?
I am currently thinking hewitt just because they seem really friendly and personal and they provided a really nice lunch at the assessment day

Any thoughts would be great :slight_smile:


Both well done you!
Did they give you any indication of how many places they had left (either watson or hewitt) - fingers crossed not filled up, im a late applicant!


Towers Watson would be the better choice in my opinion.

They are probably the biggest player in the market they operate in and they are HUGE. Plus the people working there are great people to work with and hangout with. They graduate programme is better structured than Hewitt and ofcourse, Towers Watson’s (Waston Wyatt + Towers Perrin) reputation is also much much higher!


How did you find the Hewitt AC? Be brilliant if you could share your experience - not much on here!