Towers Watson Assessment Day for Talent and Rewards Consulting

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Have just done my final assessment day for TW and I didn’t find there was much to help me prepare online so hopefully this will help someone out.

This is the email I got inviting me to the AC: “The assessment centre is a great opportunity to meet us and our managers and for you to display your skills and experience face-to-face. The assessment centre lasts for a full day and will include an interview, written exercise, numerical verification exercise and group discussion. Please ensure that you bring a watch as you will need to manage your own time during the exercises.”
Basically if you got this email then this is roughly what you can expect I guess:

There were 6 of us, 5 applying for Exec. Compensation and 1 for RTC. Day started at 8 30 with a presentation by two members of staff, one from Executive Compensation and one from Rewards, Talent & Communication. This was really chilled out and you could ask questions at any point. They basically told us what each of these departments did and what their roles were so don’t do what I did and waste time spending hours researching these service lines! This bit lasted probably about an hour.
Next we each had our interviews. I had two people interviewing me together, both quite young and really friendly. They asked me some pretty standard competency questions and some not-so-standard ones (when was the last time you missed a deadline and why, what’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?). Also got asked two weird problem solving questions - how many bricks does it take to build a house, and if burger king were to change their name how would they go about finding the best choice? This was a relaxed interview and I think all 6 of us found this part not too bad.

Next we had the numerical test, probably a bit easier than the SHL one but more time pressured, I think all of us found ourselves just guessing the last 2 or 3 questions because we ran out of time.

After this was something we weren’t expecting. We were given facts and figures about a company and told to prepare for a role play for 20 mins. This role play involved meeting the boss of a one of TW’s clients who wasnt happy with the service provided by the previous TW employee (before you). Then we had lunch which was just sandwiches and a chit chat with some junior TW consultants.

After lunch we had the roleplay which was 15 mins one-on-one with this “client” where you basically have to extract info out of him to help you write up a 30 min report straight after. I totally screwed my report up and if I don’t get the job I know it will have been because of that! However, the other 5 interviewees said they didnt do too well either on that part.

After that was the written exercise where you have to advise a client on which asset management firm they should employ the services of. This is a standard exercise where you have info about the companies (4 in this case) and you essentially need to write a report which documents pros and cons of each and then a conclusion which makes a recommended choice. This lasts an hour.

Finally was the group exercise. All of us given the same info about a TV station who’s viewing figures have fallen following changes made to their listings and staff. The group of you have 30 mins to come up with 3 recommendations as to how they can turn their fortunes around. This went well for us but it was quite intimidating at first because we were in a small room with 5 assessors watching us. Don’t worry though, you very quickly forget they’re there.

Then we had a chance to ask questions before being sent on our way. Oh, except this was the best bit. They asked if, having found out more about the company we wanted to change our job preference, which most people did from Exec Comp to RTC (or no preference). They also ask when you would want to start, I said September as I fancy some time off before then…

It is a long assessment day with a lot of stuff to do but it’s less stressful than say the Big 4’s assessment days. I got the impression that everyone at TW is really friendly and approachable and will definitely consider a job if they offer me one. So yeah, hope this helps. Good luck everyone


Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I have an AC coming up for Retirement and really appreciate your effort in posting this.

I was wondering whether the written components (report for role play and asset management recommendation) were hand-written or computer-based? Also, how did you answer the brainteasers about the bricks and burger king?


the report from the role play was hand written, but the written exercise was on a laptop. as for the questions i dont think i did too well on them! i said i would seek the advice of a builder for the first one and they said i wasnt allowed to do that so i basically stumbled over it saying it would depend on the size of the walls and the size of the bricks etc! was even worse at the burger king one, basically made a shit joke about burger king not going down well in countries that don’t have a royal family, maybe they should change it to burger president. they laughed but it may have been fake… sorry i cant be more helpful with them!


cheers for the info cuzza. after they told you that you passed the phone interview, how long did it take to book your place at the AC?


er, i had my phone interview december 1st and got told i passed a couple of days later. however, didnt get AC booked til january 28th (bear in mind the recruitment departments of these companies all basically shut down for 3 weeks around christmas) so it was a while. had my AC over a week ago and they still havent got in touch which im pretty unimpressed with - when an HR consultancy cant even sort out their own HR!


thanks for the info. can you possibly share the case study you encountered during the role play exercise?


er yeah. won’t be of much help i dont think though. basically you meet with the head of a toiletries company who have too much stock of various products due to poor advice given by your predecessor. you’re given some info on market patterns and predicted trends and are required to find out more from the guy you’re meeting. you have to just extract as much info as you can from this guy in the 15 mins so you can then write up a report afterwards. dont give advice, just ask and ask and ask questions that you think will help in your report. you get 30 mins to read and prepare beforehand so just make note of questions you want to ask during this time. wish i had known this as i completely fucked this bit! its no more complicated than that. just look at the info youre given and try to think of the info you need. umm, cant really be of much help other than that. the fact that the company makes shampoo and conditioner etc is irrelevant.



jsc86, I was just wondering whether you were successful?

Also wondered whether anyone else has an assessment centre with Towers Watson coming up soon?


Hey guys,

@Idycrew, I just found out I passed the telephone interview stage, but still waiting to find out whether I made it to the AC. Are you going to the AC? Has anyone else gone to an AC for a position in August/September 2012?


@Idycrew, mnn78 , Were your telephone interview questions similar to those posted on wikijobs? I have an interview coming up next week and I am slightly worried!


Hey Fosters, yeah mine were exactly the same. If you prepare for the questions posted, I think you’ll be fine. There were 4 competency questions, a time when you had to work with someone difficult/not easy to approach, a time when your ideas conflicted with those of the rest of the group/or group was split on its views, a time when you produced high quality work and a time when you implemented a change/provided an innovative solution. There were also motivation questions, why TW, why your field, you might also get why consulting. I think that was it. Good luck!


ps I’m applying to RTC, so I’m not sure whether the questions will be the same for your scheme, but I’m assuming they’re all the same.


Hello, this thread is so helpful and helps to take some of the shocks away on the day.

Has anyone had an assessment day (particularly for the TARC stream) recently in 2012? I wondered whether the assessment day had changed much since the descriptions of the 2011 ones?


Hi Juice 123, I have also applied for Talent and Reward Consulting but have not heard anything back yet?! I was wondering if you could tell me what stage of the recruitment process are you at? Have you given your online psychometric tests and telephone interview? Thanks