Towers Watson - Assessment Centre and Interview 2015

Willis Towers Watson
The Graduate

Hi guys, I have been invited to an assessment centre on the 8th of April with Towers Watson. I applied for a role in Retirement under the graduate schemes. (Graduate Benefits)

Could anyone help me with what I should expect or share their experiences at the assessment centre, even if its not for retirement.

There is a thread from 2014 on this topic, can anyone confirm if the assessment centre is still following a similar pattern. The response from az04 in that thread is the most comprehensive from my research. (Link to 2014 thread below)

Any help in this matter is kindly appreciated.



Also do they ask you to do the online tests again?


Hi John, I am just wondering if you can offer any advice following your assessment centre with Towers. I have one coming up too so would really appreciate any advice you can offer.

Many thanks,


Hi kirsty i have a telephone interview next week. Do you mind giving some advice on that please thanks. Hope your AC went well