Towers Watson Assessment Centre 2014

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Just wondered if anyone has had an assessment centre yet for the Towers Watson Actuarial Summer Internship 2014 and would mind giving some insight in how best to prepare?
The email says I may have to do a presentation, case study, problem solving interview or written exercise depending on which business area I applied for - does anyone know which it’ll be for the actuarial internship?



I’ve got one in a few days (going for RTC though). You should get a phone call at some point with advice on how to prepare, and they’ll tell you exactly what tasks you’ll be given. I know I have a written exercise, both interviews and a group exercise, but obviously we’re applying for different strands. I was told there would be ‘brainteasers’ in the problem solving interview, but when I asked for more detail, they couldn’t say. Does anyone know what ‘brainteasers’ actually involves? Will it be market-sizing questions (i.e. how many televisions are there in the UK?) numerical based, (i.e if a car was driving at 60mph, how long…) or more curveball-style questions (how would Burger King go about changing its name). Any help regarding this would be great.


I had an assessment centre for the talent and rewards graduate scheme a couple months ago, but I would imagine many of them are similar. Here is how the day went:

  1. Presentation about towers watson and the graduate scheme

  2. Competency interview - half behavioural questions and half motivational questions, eg. Why Towers Watson, what do you know about the day-to-day work of consultants, etc. Lasted for ~45 min

  3. Case study - this was quite difficult, and pretty much everyone in the group struggled and didn’t finish. We had to act as a consultant and analyze the compensations and benefits scheme for a fictitious company. It was very quantitative, and basically we needed to calculate the total value of the rewards package for a couple executives. There was also a qualitative question about the advantages / disadvantages of the current rewards scheme and any recommendations we had for the future.

  4. Group exercise - we got about 10 index cards with random inventions over the last century and we had to prioritize how each of them had contributed to society today (eg. electricity, wheels, computers, credit cards, etc.). They said in the feedback that they were looking for strong collaboration as well as innovative thought.

  5. Problem solving interview - this was divided into two parts: 1) technical questions about talent and rewards 2) brainteaser questions.

For the first part, there were six questions about talent rewards, and we needed to pick two to discuss with the assessors. We were given 15 minutes to prepare our answers. The assessors came back and asked for my response to each question, and then asked some very challenging follow-up questions and scenario questions.

I personally struggled with the second part, as I had never done a brainteaser interview before. The questions I had were:
-how many people pass through London Heathrow airport each day?
-how would you explain facebook to your grandmother?
-how many fries does mcdonalds sell per year?

For each one, we had to get up and work out the answer on a flip chart. I had a particularly difficult assessor, who questioned every single one of my assumptions. I would recommend practicing these questions in a role-play before the assessment day, as it’s much easier doing it independently at home than in front of someone.

Best of luck


guys any update on what happens during AC for retirement LOB? Could anyone provide an insight onto the role play? and problem solving? is it that you are given 6 topics and you choose 2? do you get any material to prepare your answers?


I didn’t have to do a role play for RTC but as for the problem solving interview, if it’s anything like mine was, it’ll be as follows;

You’re given a page of questions (I think it’s 6) and you have about 15 minutes to write answers to two of them. My interviewer left the room while I did this. You then have to go through your answers with your interviewer. You’re not given material to help you answer these questions, it’s solely based on your personal knowledge. Mine were questions assessing commercial awareness and awareness of the role I was applying for.

You then have ‘brainteaser’ style questions. I was asked two, the first was ‘How would you explain facebook to your grandmother?’ The second was ‘how many french fries does McDonalds sell globally in a day.’

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your help!! What kind of questions do they ask for commercial awareness, I know they could be unrelated to retirement but anyways? Could you please detail those? Cheers!


No problem. I can’t remember very well, but I know I got asked one on ‘how is job levelling important etc…’ and there was one about describing the impact of the financial crisis on the consultancy industry. Sorry I can’t be more help!