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Willis Towers Watson

Has anyone interviewed with Towers Watson so far this year? I have an interview with them on Monday. I understand it is competency based but if anyone could provide any more information it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


I have one coming up, any chance you could say what sort of stuff you got asked?


hey guys! i am from Singapore and wanted to apply for a graduate position. I am unable to find a vacancy. What roles u have applied to and which region? Thanks for replying.


I had my interview today and it was a similar experience but slightly different questions asked in comparison to other people’s experiences in other topics.

It consisted of two stages

  • Competency (3 questions)
  • Motivational (1 question split into 2 parts)
  1. Give an example of when you had to build a relationship with someone.

  2. Give an example of when you led a team to success

  3. Give an example of when you showed intitiative to improve a process

  4. Why Towers Watson and why the selected field that you chose

The competency questions were probed quite a bit, but she was generally very friendly and easy going.

Hope that helps! Good luck


Hi Lotak,

I have my interview on Tuesday, the booking says it’s an hour long but you were only asked 4 questions? How long did yours last?



Hi Meem

The interview lasted around 45 minutes. There were some initial background questions just to confirm who I was, disabilities, availability for AC etc…

The three competency questions were all probed and discussed in quite a bit of depth, which is why it lasted that long. I wouldn’t be too worried and its not so bad.

Good luck


Hi all,

Just had my interview for Investment Consulting, the lady was so lovely. Interview was very conversational and probably the nicest one I’ve had. Asked me similar questions to the ones around this website:

  1. When have you built a relationship with someone in particular. (Had to be ONE individual) What steps did you take to build the relationship?

  2. When have you collaborated with a team, how did you collaborate?

  3. A time when you’ve improved a process.

  4. Why TW/ Why IC. Then asked what I know about the qualifications I can do.

She did probe a fair bit, in the middle and in the end just to understand more and get you back on track if you’ve gone off the main point of the question. She was just really nice though.

Hope this helps!


Oh also asked what my plans for the future were randomly. That threw me off a bit but still answered it. Not a very long answer though.


I passed the phone interview and am waiting for the AC dates, did someone get an invite for the AC yet? it’s for actuarial


Hi nash,

I’m really hoping I passed the phone interview, how long did it take to hear back for you? Do they not offer you a date straight away then? I’ve read up on their ACs, seem pretty hard. I come from a maths background, technical investment interviews/presentations will not be my thing!


I had mine a couple of weeks ago, got told i passed the next day.
Which location are you applying to and when was your interview?


I don’t think the ACs are going to be really really technical, I am from a maths background to and if i get asked technical solutions I will tell them in my answer that I am unfamiliar with these things, from what I heard the ACs just test your logical and analytical skills while the role play exercise tests your presentation and relationship-building skills.


Hey nash, I had my interview on Tuesday and have just been told that I’ve passed.
I’ve applied for investment consulting in the Southeast (I’m hoping I get to specify London at some point)
They’ve said they’ll get back with AC dates. I’m really worried because past candidates have been asked technical questions, I would be at a complete loss.
What location have you applied to?


Actuarial Intern, south east too … :slight_smile:
I think i’m going to prepare 2-3 technical topics just in case now …
hope we get the dates soon and best of luck :slight_smile:


Aah cool, well maybe I’ll see you at an AC (although doesn’t look like everyone gets shortlisted so fingers crossed). Good luck!


any news so far?


Nope, I take it you haven’t heard either?


Hi I made an application to Towers Watson for Talent & Reward Consulting, It’s been 10 days and I haven’t heard anything back apart from the generic received your application email. How long did you wait before hearing anything back and do any of you have an email address or a contact number for graduate recruitment?



Hi Meem,

I’ve got my interview tomorrow and this information has been a great help so far thanks.
In the question about when you’ve improved a process, what exactly did they mean by a ‘process’



Guys while I have no objection to discussing interviews and applications online, I feel uncomfortable sharing interview questions because it is not fair to others who have not seen this thread so don’t count on me to give you details of the interview.
What I can say however is that the lady who will interview you will be really friendly and will encourage interaction with you ; MAKE SURE YOU SPEAK TO HER IN A VERY CONVERSATIONAL WAY rather than just reciting answers learnt by heart ! Spontaneity will make the difference IMO so in a sense it helps if you don’t prepare too much about the competency questions; Just know precisely why you want to work for TW and why this division that’s all

And AnisaFudge I got the invite for the tests the day after i submitted my application, if that helps …