Towers Perrin Assessment Day


Hey, I would also like to know what the HR interview is like. I’ve still got to book mine yet but not sure when because I don’t know if the trains will be running then due to the weather!!



I can definitely tell you what I remember… It was mainly competency based questions and they were mainly team work and skills based e.g. Tell me about a time that you had a conflict and how did you solve it? Or the time you took the initiative to complete a task? She even asked me about my internship experience and “explain the project you worked on in basic, non-technical language”… There were around 12 questions…

They were standard competency questions, nothing too different… I guess as long as you give a good example for each situation, you would be okay…


Thanks graduate 2010!

Do they ask questions on the motivation for the profession in this interview as well? What about commercial awareness?


Hey all!
I had mine HR interview before christmas and they came back to me within a week. The questions were more or less the same as graduate 2010 explained. You need to specify every competency you want to show with a specific example and they also asked quite a lot about what you know about the role you are applying for and your motivation for the role.
I didn’t get any questions about comercial awareness.

However anyone who knows anything about the assessment day?? I’m going the 21th of Jan and it would be great with some tips. Never been to an assessment day before… what about the written test and the problem solving inteview? Anyone who has heard anything about what that could be?

Would really appreciate some help!
Take care!!


hope your center went well. Any tips on how the group exercise and problem solving interview went? Am lookng for a grad role in Exec rem in TP UK


Hi everyone,

I have a HR competency interview coming up for actuarial analyst with Towers Perrin. Could you guys please post any questions that you remember from your interviews. Any help would be much appreciated.


How was the AC? I am going to Hiscox AC next week. I wold be really grateful if you could share some experience with me. Thanks!


I am going to their AC next week…looking for more information as well…



Had my HR iv back in December, and it was for Organisational Surveys not Actuary, but some of the questions I recall:

Obvious ones: why do you want to work for Towers Watson (then Towers Perrin)? What do you understand about the service line?

Competencies: Give me an example of when you have improved a process/ solved a problem; an example of when you have gone above and beyond to deliver results; a time when you developed a relationship; an example working in a successful team.

Some other questions which didn’t come up but someone said they had: Explain me a complicated topic; an example where you convinced/ influenced someone; when you have dealt with clients.


Actuary AC may be different but here’s my experience. Started with a presentation from the business, then went into the written exercise. 50mins long, in-tray exercise and lots of paper!

Then the group exercises - two tasks each 20 or so mins long. Just discussing issues and reaching unanimous conclusions.


Tour round the offices.

Interview. This is again competency based and some competencies I was quizzed on were: organisation; persistance; problem solving; and commercial awareness. Then there was a problem solving section about 15mins where you’re given a problem like ‘how many clocks are there in the uk’ or ‘how long would it take to walk the length of the uk’, and so you have to do some logical reasoning and calculations. The interviewer should guide you as well.

And that was it. Hope this helps.

Best of luck.

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In the Ac, there is generally a group exercise with a task-I suppose they look at whether all candidates are contributing/allowing others to do so.
2 interviews- one to probe interest and competencies like problem solving, relationship management etc
the other would consist of some basic estimation or analysis where the interviewer guides you quite a bit



I have the Hixcox AC coming up next week and I was wondering if you could give me any advice. Particularly for the interview. I have applied for underwriting and I’ve been told that it is both a competency and technical interview. Do you have any advice for me or remember what questions you were asked?