Towers Perrin Assessment Day


Towers Perrin assessment day tips? What kind of test is the written test? Thanks.


I too would appreciate any info! Are you going to AC this week audit2008? Do you know what the two interviews will be? I read somewhere (possibly on here) that one will be problem solving
interview? I have no experience of this, can you prepare or is it just to see how you think logically?

Edit: How many questions can I possibly ask in one post?! :slight_smile:


Hey grad2010…I suppose you’ve already had your screening interview at Towers Perrin. Do you recall what questions they asked? Many thanks!


Has anyone attended the assessment day with TP yet?


@oftheshore - have you been invited??? If so, for which programme? and when did you have your telephone interview? and face-to-face?



Anyone want to share some advice on the screeing interview for the actuarial grad programme?



Anyone went to a HR interview with Towers Perrin for the Actuarial programme? What are the competencies they ask for? I would really appreciate some help…



anyone had the face-to-face HR interview with Towers Perrin??? I have mine this week… any help would be appreciated.


Which programme did you apply for?


Global Consulting Group - Analyst


Then you would study for either the Actuarial qualification or the CFA, right?

Well, apparently there’s no one here to give us some hints as to what competencies are being asked for :frowning:

Good luck!


i would go for CFA since I dont care much for the Actuarial qualification.

I guess, not too many people in this forum applied there!!!

Goodluck to you too!!


@IBD_Haunter & Irina

Had my telephone interview before 3 days. Haven’t yet heard back… how many days did it take for them to come back to you after the telephone interview?

Good luck to both of you for your face to face interviews. Would appreciate if you can post your experience of the face to face interview.


They let me know on the same day of the phone interview although they said it might take about a week. So, don’t worry, they will soon get back to you.


for me, it took exactly 1 week to hear back!



The telephone interview was basically an oral walkthrough of the CV plus some motivation questions like why this particular role, why towers perrin etc. There were no competency questions. It is with a HR and completely relaxed.
good luck!



Hi, did you have your HR interview? How did it go? What competencies are they looking for? Would you mind sharing your experience?



Hi all,

I’ve got an HR iv on Wednesday with Emma Wood, having applied for organisational surveys & insights. But having spoken to someone who joined as a grad, she said the HR iv is quite generic with questions focusing on why TP, why the service line and what skills you can bring to the firm covering off your cv experience. She said, they like to see lots of team-working evidence and an ability to be pro-active with some good networking skills. Evidence of working hard and long hours is also beneficial. The culture seems to be very open and collaborative with lots of Partner involvement where employees are treated more as individuals rather than numbers. She was quite well placed to make this judgment as she’d left PwC as an auditor to join TP’s grad scheme.

Quick tip that some might find helpful, or even already make use of, Linked in is a great networking site where you can search employees of a company then just call up switchboard of the company and ask to speak to that person. If say, you want some help answering long application questions about what’s so good about x company versus the big 4, just call someone and ask! Helps set you apart with some insider info sometimes,

By the way, how did your iv go IBD_Haunter? Mind sharing your experiences?



Hey All!

Wondering if anyone has been invited to the Assessment Day? Had my HR interview but they’re taking really long to get back to me whether I got through to the next round…



Hi graduate2010!

Can you please share your experience with the HR interview? I’ll be having mine next week; so, any advice will be much appreciated.