Tough KPMG interview question


How would you guys answer “How can KPMG improve its competitiveness?”… seems a very tough question!!

Main things I can think of is that, since industries are becoming increasingly complex, ensuring they continue to gain knowledge and expertise in all areas is essential.

Any good ideas?


I would say that retaining the best talent along with their experiences and knowledges are key for KPMG success.
However, I didnt have that question on my interview this Monday.
So, has not been tested yet :slight_smile:


I had my interview yesterday but that question didn’t come up either!

Questions I can remember were…

Tell me about a company that is struggling at the moment. Tell me 4 issues they are facing.
(This question really threw me, because I’d prepared for questions about companies that have been doing well or have the potential to grow!)

What research have I done into KPMG?

Tell me about a time you had to deal with an angry customer.

Tell me about a time you provided excellent customer service.

If a UK company wants to set up operations abroad, what should they consider?
(I was hoping that wouldn’t come up!).

Tell me about a time you were set a deadline which you felt was too demanding. How did you react?

The interviewer also specified that they would prefer examples from the last 2 years.


Almost similar to mine, but seems like your questions are a little bit tougher.
Wishing you all the best then :slight_smile:


Dearmgirl/ OKClub2008- did u guys applied to advisory ?! they didnt ask u why KPMG?


Hi ok_cub2008,

Best with your interview.

What competencies were you assessed on?
Do you know if they are the same for everyone?


@christal229: Yes, I applied for advisory - T&R. They did asks me why KPMG. And why T&R.


Basically, I feel I prepared enough by answering the questions based on the competencies listed in their websites. I just tried to find examples for each one of them. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I am also applying to advisory! What other Question did they ask you!? are you doing AC already?! GL!!


Did you apply for audit?


Not yet christal229. Gonna have it on 23 Nov. How bout u?

Here are my questions:

  1. Tell me the time when you work under pressure. How do you feel about that?
  2. Tell me the time when you have to juggle with multiple responsibilities. What I do?
  3. Company that you are familiar with. What are their strengths? What are the challenges they face and how they overcome it or should overcome it? What are their financial results?
  4. Example of the time when you deliver satisfactory results. What makes it satisfactory?
  5. Time when you are faced with pressured deadline and how you managed it.
  6. What differentiates KPMG with the other firm?
  7. Why Transactions and Restructuring?
  8. What you think the first year in KPMG T&R division will look like? And what fascinates me a lot about it? What fascinates me a lot?
  9. SJT type: You are in a project. The manager has told you from the beginning that every work done have to be reviewed by 2 other people to maintain the quality of the deliverables. You have finished the 1st draft of your work. The client approached you and asks you to see and discuss the results of your work. What will you do?
  10. SJT type: You are in the client’s site, working on a tasks to check a huge number of client data which requires you to do some repetitive things and work long hours to finish it. It has takes almost 1 week and you almost finish your work. Then, your manager come to you asking you to do another set of analysis which will requires you to go back to the data again and do another round of that repetitive and long hour work. What will you do?

Hi Dreamgirl, thanks for you advice!.. I just had my interview… the scenario Qs were the same, but I think I got some diff business awareness questions, as well as competencies! shall hear back soon!



How long did it take for them to get back to you? and were you interviewed by a manager or an HR lady?


they informed me the next day. Have u heard from them already christal?
I’ve been interviewed by the manager.


Hi dreamgirl: did you get the job? i just have mine 2nd one this Tuesday, still havent heard from them yet. guess i was failed.


Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advice on how to prepare for the AC. Did you do any specific preparation for the written report and the e-tray? What about the mock meetings? Any hints?

Thanks in advance!


Kook, I second that!

Dreamgirl, yes I heard back from them 3 days later telling me that I have made it through the second round, AC. I had been interviewed by a manager too. For those of you who have not heard back right away after your 1st interview, don’t panic, bc if you were interviewed by a manager, then I guess it takes time for the manager to submit and give feedback on your performances on the telephone interview. and, I think HR needs to chase up as well, so it could take some time. For me, it took 3 days! so it is not true when someone on the main page wrote that if u dont hear on the same day or so, it means you fail!

Good Luck everyone!

Anyone with any good tips for the AC?


Dreamgirl, where are you applying for T+R? I applied to London and have been told the scheme is now full! (had my AC 2 weeks ago)


I applied for Glasgow office Stanmoor. So far have not been informed that it is full already. Hope it is not.
So sorry for you. Whats your options then?


My interview was for audit by the way!