Torn between actuarial and audit


Hello All,

I’m considering applying to either actuarial or audit graduate roles. I know for certain that there are more vacancies available in audit, however, I feel that actuarial is more motivating for me. Has anyone here had the same problem? I guess my question is really whether you would prioritise your motivation in getting a job, or your chance to get a job. I do understand that it is a very difficult time, which would make prioritising the chance to get a job a better option, but at the same time, would you really apply for a role if you think that another would suit you better?
Any opinion would be much appreciated.
Also, if anyone else has applied for both audit and actuarial roles in the big 4 in particular, how different are the screening processes (as in which one is more demanding etc etc?)



Hi betelgeuse88,

We have graduate vacancies in both Audit and Risk & Compliance - Actuarial.

Although Audit is our most popular route of choice, a lot of candidates specialise in certain subjects such as actuarial, therefore if you feel this is more suited to you then I suggest you apply for an Actuarial position. The application process is the same for both except for the Career Motivation competency they’ll ask you specifically why you picked the route you have.

It also depends on what qualification you’d like to study for.

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Good luck with your applications.

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Thank you so much both for your reply. I have a clearer path in my mind now, having spoken to some of the college alumni as well.