Top 6 Interviews - Moving on & Analysing Failure


Hey guys,

Just a quick post to share my own failed interview experiences and hoping that others will have their own experiences to share.

As soon as you are offered a job, the memories of other failed interviews definitely go to the back of your mind (or atleast they did for me), but there are ofcourse a lot of people out there who aren’t so lucky and ultimately don’t secure the job that they were hoping for. I have a few “tips” of mine to share that I hope might be helpful to those of you who are currently going through an application process.

  1. Failure is inevitable when it comes to applying for graduate jobs. The most important thing is that you’re able to subjectively analyse where you went wrong. This can be difficult - especially at the first interview stage for example - where you will struggle to receive any type of personal feedback. I was pretty stubborn at first and couldn’t understand why I had failed which was a really bad mindset to have.
  2. Try to avoid having more than 1 interview in the same week. If your “interview strategy” is poor or you are unsure about it, then you will have essentially wasted an opportunity to get one of the limited jobs at a big firm. I had 3 interviews in the same week, used similar answers in each and this didn’t allow me the time to work on improving my interview skills for the next time around.
  3. Don’t try to impress your interviewer. Your only focus should be on ensuring that you are demonstrating the competencies that the interviewer is marking you on. Every time a question is asked, which competencies can you demonstrate that are valuable to that company? If you’re asked a question relating to teamwork, not only show that you can work well in a team, but also indicate that you respect and trusted your team-mates in the particular example. The big companies hold so many interviews and need to filter out so many candidates that you really need to tick all the boxes in the restricted number of questions that are asked.

Would love to hear other people’s experiences and advice!

I’ve written some more about this on a blog I started if anyone is interested -