Too late for internships and graduate intake?



Was wondering if still has any idea of which investment banks are still recruiting? Especially final year students of internships?


omg khaddi where have you been for the last 5 months?? I would say all the graduate positons are gone, but there are some internships left at lower tier banks like Societe General??


Actually, believe it or not, many investment banks ARE still actively recruiting. There aren’t as many positions as there have been in previous years, but there are positions going, especially for candidates with a very high degree from a good university and particularly, candidates with internships.

Even RBS and UBA (who both lost a LOT of money last year and have many thousands of people redundant) are actively recruiting graduates ‘’‘right now’’’. In fact, we (WikiJob) were talking to UBS only recently about how applications for their graduate schemes are reducing because graduates are either scared to work in investment banking now, or are under the impression there are no jobs, which is wrong.

So to reiterate, there are still graduate jobs going in IB, but it is competitive, and only grads with a very good degree from a very good university with an internship or similar experience are likely to get the jobs.

Good luck!


Redsuperted - are you serious?? Surely all the grad IB offers have gone?? I mean they’ve pretty much handed out all the Interns offers as well?? So RBS are actually still recruiting??? and UBS?? havent their programs closed?


There’s stuff around (e.g. [ RBS]). It’s more competitive than usual, and more precarious, but there are still jobs to apply for. Sure, some graduate schemes and internship application deadlines have passed and some schemes are now closed for this year, but to my knowledge RBS are still recruiting, UBS definitely were until very recently (if they aren’t still) and one or two others are still accepting applications. Not everyone is, but there are definitely still applications to be made.

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