TNS - Has anyone attended the Worldpanel FMCG Selection day of TNS?



Has anyone ever had experience from the Worldpanel FMCG graduate selection day of TNS?

I am looking for any advice! Thanks in advance for any help!!!


I attened one in August. The whole process involved presentation, panel interview, numerical and fast track test. they also provided a chance to talk with last year graduates.


Is the fast track test difficult? Also is there another stage in the selection process after the assesment day? Also does the panel interview involve a lot of competancy questions?


I’m attending one for the industrial placement, any more information on your assessment centre would be greatly appreciated.


well, Markbhk. I am also attending one for the industrial placement soon! Maybe i ll see you there… but can anyone give some advice on what to expect?


what date are you attending?


this coming Friday



I am looking to apply at tns, was wondering how the assessment days went?


anyone got replies after attending the assessment day???


The TNS WorldPanel job advertisement (industrial placement -07/08) asked for a CV and a cover letter. Note: graduate process is similar. After approximately two weeks of sending this I was emailed and invited to an assessment day. I was also sent another email which outlined what to expect from the assessment centre.

The assessment centre started with brief introductions; each person had to say a bit about what they did over the weekend. Two HR representatives then gave a presentation on TNS and what to expect from the placement year. There is an opportunity here to ask questions; my nurturing advice is to come prepared with at least two intelligent/ unanswered questions. For example at my assessment centre I asked whether there would be any opportunity to travel? Will I be working with the same team for my whole placement? You could even ask questions about the company such as what are your newest big accounts in the FMCG market? By asking questions you are showing a genuine interest in learning more about the placement and the company.

The group was then split up into two halves. The first half was taken to sit a numerical/ attention to detail test and the second half was taken to sit their competency based interview.
I went with the first half for the numerical and attention to detail test.
To complete the numerical test you were mainly using the tables of data to answer questions. The attention to detail test, made us compare two similar sets of information and correct the difference. Both tests contained far more questions then it was possible to answer, however we were not expected to finish the entire test. Both tests were in a multiple choice format.

At lunch time we were able to meet some existing placements and ask them any questions we had.

The interview is with one member of senior staff; and begins with a short presentation (5 minutes) about what we would bring to TNS and why we wanted a placement there? We were able to prepare for this beforehand and it was fairly informal. The interview lasted for approximately 20 minutes and the questions were mostly competency based. My interviewer had my cover letter to hand, so be careful what you write as they can ask you to expand on anything you have said.
It is important that you come well prepared to discuss situations in which you’ve been able to work within a team, individually, meet deadlines, cope under pressure etc. The interviewer was very much interested in my personality too. Remaining questions were based around my CV.

Approximately two weeks later I found out by telephone that I had got the job! I was given a week to decide whether I would accept the offer before my employment contract was sent out.


um how should i prepare for the numerical tests/ data analysis? any websites?


Hi ,

Has anyone ever had experience face to face Interview at TNS Global??

I have passed my online assessment and now invited for the interview, please share your experience and the questions asked in the face to face interview…

please help !!!