TLT Phone Interview


Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has ever done a phone interview with TLT in Bristol, or with any similar firms? I have one on Thursday morning (I only heard about it yesterday so I’ve had very little notice) and all I have been told is that the questions will be “competency based.” I’m not really sure what to expect beyond the generic questions about demonstrating various skills. I’ve got hardly any time to prepare so anyone who’s had a similar interview (ideally with TLT itself) - advice would be very much appreciated either tonight or tomorrow!!




How did your interview go? I have one coming up also, have you got any useful advice on the types of questions asked? Was much emphasis placed on your application form? Any help would be appreciated. I hope yours went well!




Hope your interview went well.

Was it for the vac scheme or for the firm’s training contract?

Also, did you have to complete an online verbal reasoning text prior to your phone interview?



Hi guys,

I know it has been long time since then but remember what kind of questions were u asked at the telephone interview?




Can I just ask whether you had an interview with TLT? If so, I hope it went well…
How did you find it? Any general advice or insight? Was it strictly competency based and if so on what competencies did the interview focus on??

Many many thanks!