TJ Maxx Europe Video interview?


Hello, I’ve just received an invitation for Video interview with TJ Maxx Europe for Supply Chain Position. Has anyone done it already and if yes, can you give me some more details, about what kind of questions were asked, how many questions, etc ?

Thanks in advance.




Hey Rosko, how was your interview with TJX?
I’m having an online interview for the Finance Graduate Scheme with TJX and I would like to know about the questions that they ask?
Hope you were successful in your application,
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi L1am, did you have the interview already? If yes, please can you share some info? Cheers!


Hello L1am, did u have the interview? Please do share your experience.


Does anyone have any pointers, tips or advice for a video interview


Sorry for the late response, but the interview questions were pretty straight forward - Why did you apply? Tell us more about you? Tell us a moment of when you were in a team? What would you do if you were TK MAXX CEO ?


Hi all I also have a video interview for the finance graduate scheme. Does anybody know what kind of questions will be asked? And how long will it last roughly?


Hey All,

I completed my Vid Interview for TK Maxx a couple of weeks back now for the finance scheme. There were a total of 7 q’s, can’t remember it all but something like this:

  • What are your strength
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What makes a finance leader?
  • Why TK Maxx, and why the Programme?
  • TK Maxx wants to grow in size over the next couple of yrs,how can it achieve this?
  • Biggest mistake you’ve made?
  • What uni did you go to, what course and why?

Didn’t get through but best of luck to you all!


Hello Wonderwaffle sorry for the late reply.

Seems they ask different questions from person to person…I had mine for the finance program Nov. last year and i dont recall some of Graduatelife’s questions. Sure there were d basic ones like strengths and weaknesses then some tough ones like what makes a finance leader but dont think i got asked wht uni i went to.

I’ll say work on thinking very fast really. I found that as d questions progressed it got harder to answer within d time given (abt 3mins) and d pressure of talking to a pc.


It’s ok Dreamwonder. I just did my interview! Yep they asked all the basic questions and they did seem to get more difficult gradually. But they also said that the whole of point of having a video interview was that everybody gets asked the same questions? Mine was for the finance programme too…Anyway did you get through yours? :smiley:


Oh yea in the initial email they said they would be asking about a recent store visit? But they didn’t ask me this at all!


Yeah! They did say same questions so it could be compared…didn’t get any questions about d store visit either…my guess is it has very lil to do with finance anyway. All the best!


Anyone had an interview for the Business Technology programme? Seems like this is going to be quite a hard interview, especially talking to a computer!


Hi BenjiKJ,

I have a video interview coming up for the Business Technology programme. I have to take it within the next five days.

Just wondering if you had your interview? If so, what where the questions like? I hope you got through!

Many thanks


Hey Isis,

well I had my video interview a while back now, and they still haven’t actually contacted me, so do expect a wait!

Questions I got for it (and I think they are standard for everyone doing the BT programme) were:

  1. What uni did you go to and why that course?
  2. An exmaple of your teamwork. Why is teamwork rewarding and what is difficult about it.
  3. Describe a time you changed something in a process.
  4. What is your biggest mistake you’ve made at work or in your studies? How did you handle it?
  5. What are your natural strengths & why? & Why will these skills make you a success at TJX
  6. Why TJX?? Why BT? What aspects will you enjoy the most?
  7. What other companies/programmes have you applied to & why?
  8. Our analysts don’t do coding, web development or fixing cables. From your research on the programme tell us what skills & attributes you think would make someone successful.
  9. Discuess the off-price model & how it effects BT.
  10. Tell us anything else you think we need to know about when considering your application.

Couple of them caught me by surprise a little bit but as I say I haven’t even heard back from them yet! I think I had my interview 3rd December…

Good luck.


Thank you for your informative post Benji, after all of that I decided not to do the interview since I live in London and successful candidates will be working from Watford. I said to myself “am I prepared to travel to Watford 5 days a week??!!”

Anyway, I hope you hear from them soon. Good luck!


Hi BenjiKJ, have you heard back from them yet? I’ve got to do my interview by Saturday and was just wondering if you were successful.


Nope still haven’t anything, ha…


Ah that’s a shame, I hope you hear back soon, and I do too. Thanks for posting the questions btw. Very useful.