Tissue Engineering Graduate


Hey guys sorry for the duplicate post but I wasn’t having anyone answer it in the marketing subforum so thought that it was probably in the wrong section, and people on here can probably answer it better.

Hey guys, so just wanted to share my situation with you folks on here.

Basically I did my undergrad in Engineering and got a 3rd class degree - crappy I know.
After that I did an MSc in Tissue Engineering and passed it well (but no distinction).
After the MSc I was financially crippled so took the first job opportunity that came my way.
This job opportunity was working a really low level position in an unnamed company that does online marketing (of sorts) and I’m on 18K.
I kinda figured that having two degrees and stuff I will be able to stand out and make a difference, and get a promotion before long.
Nobody on my team even has a degree and more than anything, I feel largely that for one reason or another (I don’t want to get into psychoanalytics) they are conveniently ignoring that I even have a degree in the first place.
A recent review I had was among the lines of “you are precise, fast, hard working, but we don’t like the way you talk to people, as you often belittle them”
All I could think “yeah, you’re probably too stupid to understand what I say and are therefore feeling belittled for undue reasons” cause let me just put it this way, if the way we spoke was to be compared to newspapers I would be The Guardian and my managers would be The Sun. Have I mentioned that both of these muppets are on 26K apiece? Just makes me a little jaded, to be honest.

Anyway, this takes me back to the original question; the post title - am I screwed? what I mean by that is - am I in an ok position money wise, an MSc graduate is all right on 18K for a first job, or should I be earning more than I am earning now, should they perhaps be making more efforts to notice tha tI am clever guy and could be an asset to the company if only they gave me a role where I could shine more, as opposed to keeping me in the lowly admin role and putting me down by saying things like “watch how you talk to people, change your tone to stop making people feel belittled” which is just another way of saying, “don’t show us that you’re cleverer than us, cause it makes us angry”.