Tips on first partner interview


I’ve got my first ever partner interview coming up. It’s great that I have made it so far through the application process but there is a lot of pressure because it is the final stage.

I’ve never had a partner interview before, is all they ask mainly around commercial awareness and career motivation? I know there aren’t any set questions, but does that mean they won’t be asking about a time when I had to work under pressure, or in a team, or any of the other competencies you get asked about in normal competency interviews?

All tips appreciated!


Where are you interviewing? See - [[Partner Interviews]]. Partner interviews can be anything - they vary dramatically from company to company. Some companies partner’s will ask mainly [[competency based questions]] whilst others will ask technical questions or [[brain teaser questions]]. Most of the time, it’s just a chat that tests your [[commercial awareness]] and let’s the partner find out if he think you would be a good personality fit for the company. If you’ve got this far I’d say just relax, keep reading the papers and trade press in the run up to your interview and take everything with a pinch of salt.

Which company is it - I may be able to give you more specific advice.


Its with KPMG, did you do one with them?


is this for an internship? partner interviews are usually there for them to decide if you would fit into their girm - i.e whether they like you or not. so just look confident and smile a lot, and try to be articulate without hesitating. be prepared for the standard competencies.


It’s for a full-time job noob. How did yours go? Cheers


oh, didn’t you had first partner interviews! i got offered a position so, i guess mine went well :smiley:


i find you just have to have a laugh and come across fun with them. not too serious.


I got rejected for being too relaxed/informal though, i feel like crap now

guess you shouldn’t come across too fun


Ideally you want to be “relaxed” as in comfortable to be in a business situation with a manager/partner and able to talk with confidence about yourself and your CV history, but not “relaxed” as in informal or able to communicate as you would with a friend or workmate.

Things do vary from interview to interview, but remember, even if an interviewer likes YOU, they may not hire you and even if they don’t like YOU they may still hire you.

At interview you need to be the person they can imagine sending out to meet clients - and this means you need to be confident, articulate, intelligent, enthusiastic (but not too dominant) and friendly (but not too much of a joker).


traineewannabe, how do you know that? did they actually say that in your feedback?


that is my biggest fear… that i come across as ‘too relaxed’. going to have to remember to tone it down.
by the way which company was this, if you dont mind me asking?


yeh!, that’s all they said in my feedback…everything else was good, i’m depressed now

p.s yup thanks for the info redsuperted

ps. again - I rang the partner, he said he wasn’t to do with my personality or that i was too relaxed/unprofessional (maybe didn’t want to hurt my feelings lol) and that it was because i didn’t have enough motivation to accountancy and needed more examples of credibility + communication (as I may have told the same one to all the different 4 interviewers) + and also it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

not sure if that helps anyone