Timing of Postgraduate Studies


It’s suddenly crossed my mind that we all think of postgraduate studies as something that immediately follows from undergraduate degrees but in reality I would imagine these could be done at any time. In fact I’m starting to think that there may be some benefits associated with spending a few years in the work place before looking to build a postgraduate course. One of the main thing is putting me off his is the clear delay that this would create and also once I got used to having a salary it may be very difficult to go back to being a student. Then again I’m also slightly concerned about simply doing a postgraduate degree because I can’t think of anything better to do.
What does anyone feel about them and how many of you are going to take this delay between undergraduate and postgraduate and if so, what reasons have you got for this?


I do think that there is a danger of individuals going on to do postgraduate simply because it’s a natural progression but then again once you’re in the student mentality it seems a good idea to make the most of it I guess. From the people I have spoken to who have taken a delay before going on to postgraduate studies and have gone back to study after several years of work life they have found that they have benefited from the experience gained but they found getting back into the rhythm of studying much harder than they anticipated.
I think that for those whose intention it is to work first before doing a postgraduate course. It may be better to look at a part-time degree or something that can be done alongside work is going back to being a full-time student may not be great financially and may just be too difficult to adapt to effectively. That’s just me though!