Time of year to take exams


Can anybody tell me what time of year it is normal to take ACA exams at KPMG (Leeds office if it makes a difference)?



The ACA Professinal Stage is now divided into 2 sections, Knowledge Modules and Application Modules; each section consists of 6 modules/exams. The Professional Stage will be completed by the end of your first year.

I don’t know about KPMG but at PwC you take 3 Knowledge modules at the end of week 7 and the final 3 at the end of week 15. You then take the 6 exams for the Application modules in the summer, but I do not know the specific time but I think it’s around July.

Don’t know how similar KPMG will be…


Great, thank you very much!


If you call them up they’ll tell you. If you are trying to book a holiday, don’t! If you go to the [[ICAEW]] website, the exam dates are on there. You won’t sit at every session (e.g. it is unlikely you will be sitting exams during busy season, Jan-Mar, and you couldn’t take holidays then either), but you need to sit at least 3 sessions in the first year.

All exams are completed after 2 years, unless you need to retake any.