Tibra Capital



I’ve just been invited to an assessment day with Tibra after passing the numerical and logic tests, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of info about this company!

Can anyone give me anymore info about the 2 tests that I will be required to do on the actual day?




I was also invited to the test day today - are you attending the morning or afternoon session? I haven’t found out much info on what the tests involve but understand that unlike SHL, there isn’t really any way you can prepare to guarantee passing.

I think the logical test involve brainteasers and the numerical involves some quite tricky multi-digit/step maths. Unlike the Optiver barrier test (80qs in 8 minutes with negative marking), you have a lot more time for each question so expect lots of decimals and long multiplication/division. The logic test seems very difficult to prepare for so im just sticking to using excel to churn out random strings of numbers and multiplying/dividing them quickly. Let me know if you find anything interesting on the web (i’ll do the same as were not really competing against eachother) and i guess i’ll see you next week! GL


Ahh nice to know it’s not just going to be me there!

not sure yet, probably the afternoon as it’s quite a long way to go for me but then I may find somewhere to stay and do the morning one, going to think about it over the next couple of days!

what about you?

Think what you’re doing sounds best! There seems to be so little info on the whole company never mind details about assessment days!

I’ll keep an eye out for anything useful and keep you updated.


I’m probs gonna do the afternoon session as well. One website which i’ve been looking at is http://www.brainbashers.com/ They have lots of logic tests although I haven’t managed to complete any of them yet which is a bit worrying…


sorry for the delayed reply! I was 21 last weds so had a fairly hectic time!

I’ve had a look on that website and tried a few, there are some damn hard ones!

Also just been getting my girlfriend to shout out numbers and turn them into long decimal sums. great fun!

It doesn’t seem like there is a great deal else that it’s possible to do with so little info on the actual tests themselves!

I’m confirmed for the afternoon session so I shall hopefully see you there if that is the on you are attending??


When is your assessment day? How long after the online tests were you invited? Cheers.


Mine’s tomorrow, and I was invited about 2 days after completing the online tests


Good luck tomorrow everyone! Does anyone know when we get the results?


Anyone got a response yet?


nope not yet, how did you find it?

The questions themselves weren’t that hard it was the time you had to do them in, and I had logic questions drifting around my head all last night!


I found fairly horrendous, maths would have been fine with like 10 mins more but the logic went terribly. Also I didn’t like how the maths questions led on from eachother towards the end.

What % do you think you got correct across both tests? I heard a rumour that you need around 40/69 correct which means i’m pretty screwed - if its 35/69 I might be alright but that seems too low… Tibra definitely falls under the "punt"category of job apps so not expecting much.


I have absolutely no idea to be honest, I jumped around a lot in the maths ones so not even sure how many I answered, logic test seemed to go relatively well but then I still missed some out, took me a couple of mins to remember the solution to the very first one with the dots!

Yea i’m not sure what the pass percentage is, heard 50% and 55%, guess we’ll just have to see! They said they were aiming to get back to us within a week so not too long a wait.

Have you heard back from any more applications?


Got the email today - didn’t pass unfortunately… I have an offer from KPMG so not all doom and gloom, just have to hope I get something from a trading desk at an IB. Any one else received anything?


Hmmm, I haven’t received an email yet. Did it say anything about your scores?


Just received one now saying I passed, and HR interviews are taking place in January. I wonder how many people got through…


Congrats dude! Read somewhere that only 1/30 people pass this stage but that might be b/s. Good luck at the interviews.


congrats babafagucci!

I got the same email as you BC, but no matter i guess! I’d quite like to know the scores of the tests, or the answers to some of the logic ones!


I hear a lot of people fail the HR interview stage, so trying not to get my hopes up at all yet!


Hi Guys,

I got an invitation for an assesment day. Could you please tell me about the types of maths and logical questions you were asked? Much appreciated.