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Any experience or advice on the in house Maths and Logic test for a Tibra trader role? In addition, what’s the deal with the organisation. Seems a world away from the typical trading house; i.e there is no uniform. Does anyone have any insight into the organisation/programme?


No. But great company. I may be wrong, but I think it’s Australian. Like you said, no suits, apparently free food/bottomless fridge, snooker table, etc. There must be a catch somewhere (I’m thinking long hours) but the impression I get is that it’s a great growing small firm. Not sure how the credit crunch will affect things for them.

I expect the maths test will be tough. They want super super sharp people and I expect their test will reflect this. I’m thinking equal standard at least to the KPMG tests - harder than the WikiJob tests. Is it a logical reasoning test or a verbal reasoning test or diagrammatic?

Have you made an application and got through to the test phase?

There’s some info at - [[Tibra]].



I sent my CV off on Sunday, got a reply about an hour ago inviting me to a test. I’m expecting it to be tough, but there’s no calculator allowed so I’m assuming it’s not calculus etc? Could be wrong.

It’s a 2 hour session consisting of a 30 minute Maths test and hour long logical reasoning. I’ll keep this thread updated throughout the process.

P.s the 3M review is coming up, I’ve been busy with MSc work but will get a profile to you at some point!


Whenever you have a chance is fine - concentrate on your MSc by all means!

I think we have a page on [[logical reasoning]] which you may find useful. However, a point of note, many companies use the term “logical reasoning” to describe what can technically be verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, abstract reasoning or diagrammatic reasoning. Are you sure about the type of question you’ll be sitting? If not I’d email/call HR to double check on exactly what type of questions you’ll be getting, just so you are as primed as possible when you come to sitting the test.


I applied after reading this thread today, and I got virtually an instant reply for the test. I’m a bit unsure what they mean by logical reasoning myself. If anyone does find out, I’d be grateful if they would tell me!

PS: Reg, which one have you registered for?


Its 69 questions… you have to get about 50% to pass. 2 parts, first being math - questions on probability, statistics, long multiplication, long division etc. 2nd half is logic - next shape in the sequence type questions.

They have about 50 people a week take the test… 1/30 pass on average to go on to interview.

good luck…


I did the tests in London for Tibra in June. All i can say is they were very tough.
Especially logical questions with dominos and match sticks etc…
For the maths, you have to also be lightning fast with know long multiplication and division in decimals!
Like 5764.4/27.31.
Questions are like if i buy 354 shares at $57.56, they then depreciate by 23.4%, i sell 59 of them, they then appreciate by 5.6% and i buy 50 back. Whats my net profit or loss? But you only have one minute per question and no calcualtor!


Sounds like torture :smiley:


HI jc888

Just wanted to get some more information regarding the test1!!!In terms of logical questions…like u mentioned match sticks and dominos…can you tell me a little more…like any other specific types for example next in sequence etc…I have my tests coming up on monday!!!

In terms of the maths test…are there probability and statistics questions also??



jc888, is it paper test? If it is how do they time the one minute for each question?


I hope we are all talking about the same test.
Mine was for tibra trading role and was a paper test in london in June.
Dont know if this is same process now. anyway…
No multiple choice, write your answers.
Number of questions and time equated to about a min.
However you dont have to do all the questions as some are too hard, take too long. Just select easiest ones. They tell you the % you need to get before the test.
logic was complete the shape, sequence. change the shape to this by only moving two sticks etc. etc.
Also q’s like tim, rob, ian, steve go running, tim has red top and ian has number 5 on his back, if steve beat rob and tim came better than third bla bla bla. Who was wearing what and what order did they finish.


Hey cyco1983,

How did the test go? Any extra information that you can provide? I am preparing my application to them now and would like to prepare early for the test!


HI andy

The test was the same as mentioned above by jc88…The only thing you need to know is…just don’t go back to check once you complete the question at any cost…there is no time…The maths is pretty easy…just pick the easy questions…they are simple percentage…division…multiplication…for logic…just make sure you remain focussed…the passing marks 38…out of total 69 question…40 maths…and 29 logic…

best of luck


Hello Cyco1983,

Thanks for the info! I submitted my application a few days and I got a reply saying they will let me know within 4 weeks! They really took that long? and for the logic part, is it those typical diagrammatic test? Doesn’t sound like it. Where can I practice them?



I was due to attend today but couldn’t make it. Since they don’t reimburse travel, It was a choice between going to the test and not eating for a week, or having enough money to eat and get the bus to uni! Another member of the forum (HTALE) was there, and no doubt there would be some other wikijob readers there.

Good luck, I hope you get through to the next stage!


The whole point of these tests are to get the right type of people for the jobs. Detailing whats in the test isn’t going to help the employer or the person about to sit it in the long run. You either got what it takes to pass these test or not. Practise shouldn’t help because practising wont help you when trading for this company… just my 2 cents.


Totally agree with rotex. And what’s wrong with preperation? Given that especially in finance, Information is perhaps the most important commodity. People are just doing their research - if they can use some information to their advantage, why not? Going out of your way to prepare for a test shows dedication more than anything.


Hey Ive got my Tibra test on monday. I think CW282008 doesnt realize but i’ve been practicing mental maths and think it will really help in the test. Does anyone know anymore details on the type of questions they ask i.e how much statistics do i need to know??


were these actual questions?!??! If so im in trouble!!


I’ve done the tests, the first being simple financial maths and the second a logic test. The only problem you have is time restriction and no calculator. And ‘yes’ the examples above are very similar to the questions in the test.