Thoughts on doing the ACA


Hello All,

I am looking into a change in career and am considering applying to study the ACA through a training agreement under the ICEAW. However I am wondering if anyone can give me any additional advice on the matter. How difficult is the ACA to complete? I have no prior experience or knowledge of the subject matter so Im not sure if Id be in way above my head if I made the move to do the ACA.

Also, if I fail an exam a number of times is there a chance that as a result I will lose my training agreement and therefore be left jobless with no qualification at the end? (…a worst case, but want to be realistic!)

Additionally, can anyone tell me how much time and for how long over the 3 years you would typically spend studying? I am currently in full-time work (8:45-5:30 Mon-Fri) so can manage the office portion of the qualification, but am wondering how much additional time I would be expected to give up (e.g. evenings and weekends) in order to do well, as i dont want to completely lose my social life. I dont know if you spend most of the 3 years studying, or if you just study for a couple of months a year or something?

Any help that anyone can give me on the subject would be a massive help - particularly if anyone themselves has done or is doing the ACA through a similar training agreement.

Many thanks!


Depends when the exams are…usually, some companies require 2 hours after work (after the 2 weeks spent in college) per night and 10 hrs across the weekends.

If you fail an exam, it depends upon company policy. Some allow a resit ONCE if you fail within 5% of the exam pass mark, others 10%. Its best to ask your company first.

The content is easy to understand but, it is a vast amount of content that you will learn across a short period of time, so, it is quite intensive.

During college, you will have to cut dwn on the social hours!!!