Thomson Reuters - Sales Graduate Program Interview

Thomson Reuters

Hi all,

Not sure if this has been posted, haven’t found anything similar.

I’ve got an interview at Thomson Reuters for the Sales Graduate Program on Thursday 28th.
Has anyone had the interview or also preparing for it?

Thanks for the time!



I to have a telephone interview for the same scheme this week.

Any idea on the type of question to expect?



Hi James,

I have the same interview but on the Friday.

What exactly are you preparing?

Any idea on the comp questions to expect?



I had the face to face interview yesterday. Have either of you done yours yet?


i have mine next week? how was yours maisie?


It was ok, I’m not sure how it went really. Both the interviewers were really friendly and wanted you to do well! I thought it was easier than the telephone interview and is competency based as they said. Just the usual competencies asked on any form really! Lasted about an hour like they said.


Hey guys, I have my interview tomorrow. Maysie, could you say specifically which competencies they questioned you on? Also are they quite indepth, i.e, ask you how you would improve the example of the competency next time (that always stumps me!) Hope you have found out some good news. If you could help out, would be much appreciated!


I think the competencies were communication, interpersonal and customer focus. I really can’t remember sorry! They also talk a lot about you CV so make sure you know what you have said. No, they weren’t very in-depth, they just write down your answers.

They said they will only start shortlisting the first week of April for the Assessment Centres on the 16th, so a while to go!


Ok cheers Maysie! Fingers crossed!


Hi guys,

I have my interview tomorrow, any advice would be appreciated! Can also post how it went once I’ve finished it.

Sounds like it shouldn’t be too bad from what Maysie was saying!


Hey KRN91,

How did your interview go? Well I hope!

Good luck tomo Spurchris3 - just make sure you know your competencies and CV and I’m sure you’ll be fine!


Has anybody else been invited to an assessment centre? Mine is next week.


Hi Maysie I have the AC next week Sales?..just got the prep material through…a litle stuck on how to structure my presentation!!


Hi Maysie I have the AC next week Sales?..just got the prep material through…a litle stuck on how to structure my presentation!!


I know, I was really surprised by what we were being asked to do! I also want to know how many people they have invited to the AC - I’m sure they told me they were holding 2 this year. Did you hear that? Especially as I thought they said the AC would be on the 16th.

What are you thinking for your skill? If you want, we can exchange ideas? Do you think you’ll use any tools for your presentation?


Hi Maysie,

How did your assessment day go for you. I believe you had it yesterday?


Has anyone had any confirmation of the 16th AC? I had my interview weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back yet.


KRN91 I am in the same position as you! Had my interview was around the 15th March and I’m yet to hear anything back. Maybe we will hear after they have done a selection from the first assessment day?


It’s getting a bit frustrating now tbh. I remember them saying they had filled the first AC, and they are waiting to interview everyone before they make a decision for the second one. Who knows!


Ah I see. That makes sense. Does anyone know if anyone who (pre assessment centre, post face to face interview) has been informed of a rejection?