Thomson Reuters Journalism Scheme 2012 anyone?

Thomson Reuters


I’ve applied for the Reuters journalism scheme and have been invited to take a “written assessment”. All I know is that it can take up to 4 hrs and the HR lady told me I should treat it as an interview (whatever that means!). I was wondering if anybody else knows more about the hiring process i.e. will there be group exercises, panel interviews, psychometric tests, etc?

Any info is very much appreciated and good luck to everybody else going to the assessment day in a couple of weeks!



Hi Becky,

My boyfriend has just been told something similar- though think he has 2 and a half hours but has been told no more other than that they’ll email him something I think…

He’s wondering whether it’s to test his second language?

Hoping someone will know…



I sat the written test last week…has anyone heard back? I know I haven’t, for better or worst.



Am similarly waiting after the test- anyone heard?


Am similarly waiting after the test- anyone heard?