Thomas International General Intelligence Test



Just wondering if anyone had come across a Thomas International Test during their applications?

I have completed psychometric tests before which have been a paper booklet and answer grid format, but never anything which is computer based.

Any advice that anyone could offer would be really useful.

Thank you.


I’ve never done a test with Thomson International, but I’ve done a few online tests for companies now. What exactly does it involve? General numerical and verbal reasoning questions?


Thomas International | WikiJob - have a look at this, for a general overview of Thomas International and the General Intelligence Assessment.

Computer based tests are, in my opinion, more straight forward than pencil and paper ones. This test should be fairly similar to tests you’ve done before, but instead of circling the right answer with your pencil, you just either tap the screen (if the screen is touch sensitive) or use a keyboard to tap your answers.

The test will have been designed to be simple to straight forward for candidates, although the questions themselves may be taxing. They will probably start ‘easy’ and gradually get harder throughout the test. This test will be divided in to sections and you will be given a strict time limit for each section. Each section will test a slightly different type of intelligence.

Where are you applying to that’s using this test Biscuit? It’s not the most widely used of it’s kind.

Good luck!



Thank you for your very quick response- I’m brand new to this forum but have found lots of very relevant and reassuring advice.

I’m applying to Dains, (Midlands Regional Firm) and this Thomas International Test is the last stage in the assessment. First I had to complete the application form and covering letter (the firm specified that you complete it in your own handwriting rather than typed), then I had a first round interview. Tomorrow I have a partner interview and then next week is the Thomas International Test. (I will let you know how I get on!)

In my experience to date I’ve always found that the psychometric testing comes earlier in the application process- Is there much weighting on this sort of test or is it used merely to confirm to the firm that you have the right skills in order to complete the ACA training? (accountancy is a change of direction for me because my degree is in law!)


Good luck in the partner interview!

Your right… most of the times psychometrics and other tests are used at early stages of interview. The fact that it’s so late indicates that the firm are using it to figure out certain factors about how to train you and exactly where you might best fit in their business.

I very much doubt you would be rejected as a result of the Thomas International test, if you managed to impress at all stages of interview. Don’t worry too much about it, there’s no real way to prepare for this test, you’ll certainly be able to understand how to do the test, and it won’t be the most important part of your interview process…

I have started a wiki profile for Dains here - Dains Interview Questions | WikiJob - any information you could provide for WikiJob users about your experiences at interview with the company would be greatly appreciated!