the stress of job hunting


Hi guys,

I was wondering how do you come with the stress of job hunting: waiting for answers, being rejected, having to apply again, etc

I am currently finishing a long-term internship program in Kazakhstan and looking at the same time for a job in the UK and I find it very challenging to cope with the stress of job hunting, of, sometimes ,being so close to get a job, having to think positive but bearing in mind I could be rejected, etc.

What are your thoughts about it?



Just a thought…if you finished a long term internship then the chances are you will get to stay on the company doing the same job. (Sorry if I’m wrong). You may want to carry doing it as opposed to coming to the UK.

The UK currently is one of the if not the most saturated places that I know. It would not be surprising to see maybe 60-70 applicants per place and now that you got a foot into the door, personally it may be irrational to give it up assuming you can carry on.

Just my 2 cents…what are you doing for your internship and plan to do in the future?




I am European by nationality and the company will not keep me in its subsidiary in Kazakhstan neither in its headquarters (it’s oil and gas) although it’s been a year and a half now. So no chance for me to stay with this company.

So I have been looking for a job in the UK for about two months now and I am very aware of the situation of the UK job market.

My point, and question, is how do you cope with the stress induced by job hunting in this special situation: saturated job market, financial crisis, etc.


What i mean by this topic is that not only you have to show motivations to the job/ company you are applying to - which is somehow a one shot on a few weeks, but the hardest part is to be motivated all the time during the hunting process. You might have to write 60-80 applications, facing no answer or negative feedbacks, adapt your strategy, handle one or two recruitment processes at the same time, having both victory and possible failure in mind.

How do you cope with the roller coster effect? Are you afraid of finding nothing, or failing everything? What is your plan B (mine is to go for a second master if massive failure)? etc.

I find it quite similar to getting ready for a sport competition: need to be very organized, eat properly, sleep a lot.

In my case I have to deal with a 6 hour time difference as well which can be sometimes a bit annoying.