The Free Verbal Reasoning Test


Ok i Just took this free test but i was unsure as to why i got several questions wrong. can anyone have a look and explain to me why.

Proctor & Gamble has argued that Pringles were not a potato crisp on account of the limited potato content and that they did not resemble crisps in that they were always a uniform shape and colour which you would not expect to find in potato crisps. A judge agreed that the product did not conform to the stipulations of the 1994 Act in that they were only 42% potato and that their special shape, the way they were packaged and the fact that they are made from a dough meant that they were more cake than crisp.
The result of the judgement from Mr Justice Warren means that Pringles will no longer be subject to VAT at 17.5%. This could mean that the price that consumers pay for the snack could now fall and for Proctor & Gamble the decision means that it will benefit to the tune of millions of pounds.

Question: This judgement means that the price consumers pay for Pringles will now fall.
Cannot Tell
The correct answer was cannot tell. However i chose false, my reasoning was that no the judgement does not mean directly mean that the price for pringles will fall but it is instead that in Proctor & Gambles hands as to wether they pass on these cuts.



You have already got the answer actually.

Saying “true” is obviously not the answer

Choosing “False” indicates that you are saying - No the price will not fall. As a definite statement.

However, like you said, P&G decides whether the price cut will be passed onto the consumers or not. Therefore, the could either let the price fall (thus maintaining their profit margin) or maintain the same price (increasing their profit margin). So the answer is “Cannot Say”

Hope that helps!


There is no exact statement that the price will fall,just a possibility of it,so we can answer can not say