The Environment Agency Graduate Scheme AC


Just got a call from the Environment Agency Graduate Scheme to attend their assessment centre. I wonder if anyone is willing to share thier experience.

this is my first assessment and am waiting for a comformation email of the date with what the assessment will include.

pls. help?


Don’t know too much but will try and find out for you. Which graduate scheme is it for exactly?

What was the interview process up until this, the assessment centre?


Which graduate scheme is it for exactly? Is a Civil Engineer graduate Scheme.

What was the interview process up until now? Online application.

From the website:, stated that the assessment day will involve a selection of exercises & activities, a structured interview, presentation (details of the presentation will be sent 7 days before the assessment day) and finally a written exercise.

I don’t know, how to prepare for this and I’m already feeling the pressure. Can anyone, help me.


Have you read:

  • [[assessment centre]]
  • [[Presentation]]
  • [[Written exercise]]




Am going to give all my best on the presentation and the Assessment.

Thanx Man!!!


Let us know how it goes!!!


I’ll do… I hav to get my presentation sldes ready by 2nite and practice over the wkend.

Am sweatin ready…lol!


Hey grad2008, how was your assessment day?



The AC wasn’t bad, as i was expecting it to b.

Its started with a 10mins presentation on a given topic in front of two panels who than query my knowledge based on that presentation.

I than had a 30mins face-to-face interview and the a 45mins writing exercised based on 2 pictures which i’ve to comments on what the EA have to do and what is going on or what happened in the picture.


Sorry to bother you again. I have the same AC coming up in April.

Can you give me more details on the written exercise, like Was the it multiple choice or essay type?

And if possible can I have your slides from the presentation to see how to go about it. do you know if everyone gets the same topic for the presentation?

This is goanna be my first AC I’m so nerves.



Hey Farnad7,

try to relax and do ur researches. know d diff. and the roles of EA to other Agency in any situations.

the written exercise is a 30mins essay type. u will be given two pictures and u hav to ‘suggest wat da environment agency should do’ or ‘wat is da role of the EA’ in that situations.

do i know if everyone gets the same topic for the presentation? I donno, i neva asked and no 1 asked. jus kno wat u hav on ur presentation slide bcos u’ll b questions on it and remember u lookin @ a long-time solution that’s cost-effective to any preblems.

Good Luck…


Thanks a lot, you’ve been very helpful. Let me know if you got the job, who knows we might be working together.

Again thanks for your Help