The chances of international student getting a job in the UK


I am currently studying in the UK and is about to graduate this summer. After applying to several companies and rejected by everyone, I was wondering what are the chances of me getting hired. And any tips for to improve the possibility.


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I guess it would be helpful to know: do you need to be sponsored by a potential company to be able to work in the UK? What industries are you applying to, and how far in the application stage have you got?


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I got an invitation for IBM assessment center next week and im really worried because im a foreigner. I’m actually Indonesian but im currently doing my Masters in South Korea and i will be travelling from South Korea to UK just for the interview. So its kinda a big burden for me. Do you guys happen to know if there is any foreigner usually in the assessment centers or how may percents foreigners are there usually there in the assessment centers?

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Been using WikiJob quite a lot of times and think it is time I should really contribute to the group (especially to international student). I am a Malaysian currently studying in the UK and have been to 3 assessment centers (Network rail, PwC, GSK) for summer internship/placement. For each assessment center, I have seen quite a number of foreigners (non UK/EU students) and also meet current workers who are from outside of UK/EU.

My advice is that remind yourself that you will be equally assessed during the interview + assessment center so just be very confident about yourself (so you can show the recruiters that you will be a good fit). If you want a rough estimate of the percentage of foreigners I think it will be around 15 - 20% but then again don’t let it affect you from performing at your best! I got the offer from GSK 3 hours after the assessment center and I think it is all down to how well you have performed during the interview + assessment center.

Good luck! :slight_smile: