The BEST advice you received to Break into Investment Banking?


So I’m a newbie to this forum, and I’ve found Wikijob to be a great resource - I’ve spent the past 2 days solid reading all of the posts here.

Basically I’m really nervous about sitting my IB interviews, and I need all the prep I can get. I’m fine with Fin Modelling etc but its really the interviews that are really got me nervous. I’ve heard they can be ruthless.

I’ve found a few great free resources, notably M&I (but found them a bit too ‘salesy’), Management Consulted - though for MCs I still found the learnings transferrable, and Inside Investment Banking’s free tutorials helpful also.

But I want to keep learning as much as I can so I’m fully prepared, so the buck can’t just stop here.

Could anyone give me any tips for my resumes & interviews, I’m getting really desperate, and I want to be fully prepared.

What was your experience like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.