Thank you Wikijob!

Teach First

I’d just like to thank wikijob and all the members who have answered my questions and filled in the wiki pages. I’ve now secured a job with Teach First and have an offer from KPMG which I can take up in 2011 (after Teach First). I couldn’t have prepared as much as I did for my interviews without everyone’s help.

I have sent this website to all my friends who are applying for jobs (and they’ve found it great too). I’ll be letting the Careers Service at York know how useful this site is. I’ll be popping in from time to time to see if I can help, but good luck in growing this website. It is built on a fantastic foundation. Good job!


We love posts like this :stuck_out_tongue: !

I’m so glad you’ve found us useful and thank you for telling your friends about us - fantastic!

Any feedback you can give to York Careers would be phenomenal - tell them they should be linking to WikiJob from their own website! …and that they should come and use the forums to help answer questions!

Massive congratulations on [[KPMG]] and [[Teach First]] - you’ve done extremely well.

Now post up your interview experience on Teach First!!! :slight_smile:



Yeah congrats mate. How exactly does TeachFirst work? Are you thrown in the deep-end at a school? Being a 2 year scheme, I imagine the training is fairly short.



I have an assesment day coming up with Teach First, does anyone have any information on the interview and the case study?


Yeah, you’re thrown straight in at the deep end after six weeks of training during the summer. I’ve now started work (two weeks in) and it’s a constant battle to try and remember everything we’ve been taught. There are so many variables to manage to deliver a successful lesson whilst keeping the class under control!

The interview is only 30 minutes long and is competency based (see the Teach First competencies on their website). It’s basically assessing if you’re enthusiastic enough to go through with it as they demand a lot of you. The case study varies from assessment centre to assessment centre. The setup is always the same though, you’re on the SLT of a school and something major has happened, you need to come up with a solution to solve it. When you think you’ve finished they enter the room and give you updated information meaning you have five minutes to revise your ideas and come up with one concrete solution. The same rules as any case study applies, don’t boss people around and don’t be too quiet. Afterwards you’re asked to assess your own performance and the performance of another person in your group. For me, the interview and case study weren’t what I worried about. It all hangs on your 7 minute lesson. :wink:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you’ve any other questions!


Thanks for your insight.

During the lesson, if you ask the assessors any questions as you would ask pupils, will they answer and would you advise to ask them?


In other words how do you interact with the assessors?


The assessors will act and behave like pupils in a social sense and an intelligence sense. So you have to ask appropriate questions to assess learning and stop any bad behaviour they may exhibit. They might, for example, start talking about when they saw you in Asda to draw you off topic.


Hi Ezekiel,

Did you apply to Teach First before you applied to KPMG? And how did you go about deferring the place for two years, as KPMG don’t have a deferral scheme set-up with Teach First?


Congratulations :wink: