Thales Telephone Interview


If anybody has had an Telephone Interview with Thales for a graduate level position I can do some pointers in relation to type of questions you were asked. I know the Telephone interview will be competency based but not sure which competencies I should focus on while preparing my answers. Anybody know of the type competencies they are looking for?



Did you have your interview yet? How did it go? What did they ask?


Take a look at this Forum for the answer


I’ve got one coming up…



Hey hope it went well. Can you please share your experience.

how was your interview? what scheme did you apply to? what questions did they ask you?

Thank you


I applied for three positions, I was interviewed only once, but for all three:
A few days later I was told that unfortunately I have been unsuccessful.

The positions I applied to were…
Project engineer (DNV00047)
Graduate engineer (D3S00015)
Mechanical Design engineer (DAS00019)

Questions that I can recall are…

What do you know about Thales? (Company and work they do)

Describe a time when you have had to manage data from lot of sources?
Which sources did you use?
What problems did you encounter when gathering and managing your data?
How did you go about resolving these problems?
What did you learn and would do differently next time?

Describe a time when you’ve had to build a working relationship to reach a common goal (situation)?
What was your approach (actions)?
What was the outcome (results)?
What did you learn from the situation?

I can not guarantee these will come up your time round, but I advise to include it in your preparation.
I felt confident and thought that it went well when I had finished, but was wrong when I got the bad news, lol

The interview is brief and will be over before you know it,
so try to present as many selling points as you can in your answers.
I think thats what led to my downfall for this interview.

Hope it helps, good luck


Has anyone been to an assessment centre yet? Could really use some help and tips specially for the presentation part !


Hey guys! I have got an assessment day with Thales - would it be possible to get an idea of its format, the exercises involved and how I could prepare?

Also, with regards to the aptitude tests - are the verbal and numerical? and are they run by the shl or psl test provider?

Any help would be much appreciated!






aif you have an assesment day then you should know the questions they asked are they the same as the other post please ???


did anyone pass the AC?


Hi everyone,
Just had an email from Thales I’m through to the Assessment Centre! Woo! Only had my telephone interview yesterday at 5pm too, so very impressed!
FYI, Telephone Interview questions were;

  1. What do you know about Thales in the UK (I stress in the UK, I researched Thales as a firm and obviously as they’re French I didn’t have a massive amount of material about their UK operations)

  2. What qualities would you bring to Thales? If you Google search ‘Thales interview’, the first result is a Interview Guidance page by Thales, on there they state what they’re looking for - READ THIS!! It helped me a lot.

  3. Mention a time you were in a team, what was your role.

  4. Describe a time you had to use many sources of data; what sources did you use, did you encounter any problems; how did you solve these problems; what would you do differently next time.

The lady who interviewed me, Jane, was really lovely, she calmed my nerves immediately with her bubbly personality and I thought the whole thing went really well.

Hope everyone else is just as successful, and hope to see you at the AC!


Hi gmb87
thanks for your info. please could you tell me what programme do you apply?


Has anyone received an offer from them to start in september 2011 ?


Hi gmb87,

I also recently had my telephone interview and I also recieved an email stating that I passed it and through to the assessment centre. Have you any idea when the assessment centre is ? have you taken it yet or still waiting for a reply?


Hi Ruru.

I have no idea; was thinking of emailing them to be honest; I got the email on the 21st December and have heard nothing since. Nearly two months on, I am thinking of chasing it up. This is for the Finance scheme, which scheme have you applied for?


can you let me know what the test center involves? (what questions/tasks?)


right assessment centre confirmed on 8th who has made it? apparently, you have to pre prepare a presentation about your final year project… you going to have a group exercise, written exercise, an interview and aptitude tests.


thanks Ruru :slight_smile:
I received an email confirming that i’ve passed the interview and asking if i can attend assessment centre. Mine’s supposed to be on 29th.
After you take your AC, can you let me know how it went?
Good luck :slight_smile:


hi guys,

well done on getting through to the AC stage, but just so you guys know, the way the AC is run for the business and the finance scheme are different from the engineering scheme. Engineering is one day and business and finance are two half days.

They also rotate questions for the tests and the group sessions, so dont focus your preparation based solely on what one person says

Good luck