tfl - phone interview



I am applying for tfl graduate scheme (civil eng) and have a phone interview coming up.

Has anyone had a similar interview? What sort of questions came up? How long was the interview?



How did it go? I ve got mine on tuesday, wondered if you had any advise?


I also have a telephone interview booked for next week so pls share your experiences.

I have been looking for threads on TfL but all appear to be from 2008/9!


I have one also. Mine is for finance and on Thursday. I would very much appreciate if you guys could fill me if yours are before mine. I’ll be back after I’ve done mine to give some feedback :slight_smile:


Had mine on friday> it wasnt bad 4 competences asked. 40minutes it took. I was told there will be a second telephone interview end of november if successful on the first one.


Hi, had mine today for finance, think it went okay but not amazingly. The competencies tested were Collaborative, Customer focus, Commitement to equality, diversity and inclusion, and Planning and Organisation. The only one that threw me was the diversity, she asked me to give example of a time when i had worked with someone from a different background (race, sexuality etc) and how i acted. If you can prepare good examples for them you should be fine, although be prepared for lots of probing questions.
Good luck.


Hi. thanx for the info you given so far but at the risk of sounding cheeky is it possible for you to elaborate further. How did they phrase the questions and did they ask an extra one at the end like they have been known to do in previous years, Ive got mine coming up for finance and I’m really nervous. Anything extra you can add would be much appreciated. Thanx x


@ LA123

Hey how did ur interview go? Also had mine yesterday, which wasn’t too bad! I got questions based upon collaboration, exceeding customer expectation, performance delivery and drive and motivation. In all it lasted about 20mins!


Mine wasn’t too bad either. Lasted about 35 mins including all the introduction and stuff. I got tested on collaboration, customer focus, diversity and planning. I prepared answers for whatever they asked me. The interviewer made me feel confortable, it was more of a conversation. They probe you for more information. I just hope I said enough to pass. I’ll keep you posted


Good luck with that!

Did they tell you if you pass you will move on to another telephone interview? Did they specify how long it will take them to get back to you?


Yeah they said if I pass I have to do a technical telephone interview. So it will be finance based I guessed. They said I should find out if I have been successful within 2 weeks. What did they say to you and what scheme are you applying for?


They said that I would find out within a week and yeah they mentioned the technical telephone interviews.

I applied to the Customer Service Delivery Scheme.



Cheers for all the comments, helpful stuff, the diversity competency is a bit baffling; unless they think someone will slip up and mention a cool lynching they attended…
Anyway, does the other standard stuff like why TfL, why a particular stream, any issues facing TfL at the moment etc come up?



hey johannesholst

Its just the four areas as previously mentioned by everyone else. They are really friendly and probe you for more answers if you have not covered something

Anyone else had there technical interview yet, mine is on the 30th,Had my test on Monday on they told me today i had passed and i was moving on to the next stage

Any help would be great

Cheers in advanced


I just got an email confirming that I have been succesful and am progressing to the next stage too. They didn’t offer much guidance on what to expect though. I’m quite worried. What programme did you apply for .@m13at ?


hey LA123

I applied for the finance scheme, and you ?I was also offered little advice on what to expect, just that the interview would be

" focusing on hypothetical questions and asking you to think about how you would deal with specific situations "



Did they offer you a slot for the technical telephone interview?


I got through to the technical interview as well, was quite surprised as I didnt think the first one had gone that well. Have no idea what the next one will be like, the information they ve given me is very vague.


Hi, I have my first telephone interview on monday! I am so worried but hopefully the advice u have all given will help! I have applied for the finance grad scheme and this is my first ever telephone interview!


What scheme has everyone applied for??