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I applied for Transport for London’s Information Management graduate entry scheme a little while back and had my telephone interview nearly 3 weeks ago. Has anyone else applied to this scheme and heard back about their telephone interview results? They did say in the interview it would be 2-3 weeks, but now that it’s nearly 3 weeks I’m starting to get edgy… The interview was only 3 simple competency based questions, does it really take 3 weeks to mark 3 question responses?




Did you get through to the assessment centre?

I’m through now, just found out recently. They took a while however.


They take aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.


Yeah, I did get through, was invited to an AC on the 26th March. I heard back from them exactly 3 weeks after the telephone interview, which is not a very good response time especially when compared to the other companies I have applied to.


i had a telephone interview on the 20th december, was told i would find out the other side of christmas but heard nothing. i emailed a few times and just got replies saying a decision would be made soon and i would find out by phone or email, pretty useless!


hey NURecruit, ive got an assessment centre on 26th as well. just wondering what kind of tests you were expecting from it? from my research I think it will just be a fast track test. what do you think? cheere.


Hi edio86, I don’t know what to expect, when I was told I progressed to AC I was told I’d be sent info about the AC nearer the time of the event. I guess it’ll be the usual kind of tests and probably another interview. I’m not actually going anymore because I’ve had a more appealling offer and fly out of the country on the 27th so it was pushing it anyway… :wink:


yes mate, i know what i’d prefer!



Anyone got offered the job from TfL yet? HR seem to be slow!