TfL Information Management Grad Scheme


For those of you applying or attending the AC for TfL’s IM grad scheme I’ve decided to write a post on how to do well on the day. I just got offered the job so I’m sure this will be useful for anybody attending.


You are given a brief 7 days before the AC to prepare a presentation to a Senior IM member and HR rep.

I suggest STRONGLY researching the term Information Management first, because it is not simply IT. The brief I received was revolving around the IM challenges of the 2012 games.

I also suggest ensuring you practice at least once to make sure you’re under time, I nearly ran out of time and that made me panic slightly. But a strong tip would be to prepare a Powerpoint presentation and print the slides properly on good quality paper and have them bound. It shows professionalism.

Research the topics you talk about, but only put bullet points on the presentation copy that you hand out to the assessors (you are required to provide them with a copy). Ensure that you can answer the questions they will throw at you.

All in all it wasn’t too bad but you are expected to prepare as you’ve had a week to do so. Don’t be slack with this part as it will reflect poorly considering the prior notice you’ve been given.

1-2-1 Interview:

Mine followed on from the presentation but your format may be different. It was all the usual compentency Qs. So things about influencing others, showing customer focus, analysing a large amount of information, why TfL etc.

Give clear and focused examples, don’t waffle on but answer the question. Also have some questions ready for the interviewers at the end. Sensible ones relating to the job and TfL.

(Don’t be alarmed if you see the tick sheet they use if they are not ticking a whole load. My interviewer didn’t tick too much and I scored highest on the day out of anybody else).

Fast Track:

Nothing really to prepare in all honesty, it was quite simple but don’t expect to complete the whole thing. I answered 4/5 Qs and m percentile was the 58th. Their benchmark is the 34th. Take a logical approach and think before answering, make sure you’re confident of the answer. Don’t wildly guess if you don’t know but make an informed estimate. (I’m poor at psychometric tests in general too).

Group Exercise:

SPEAK!! Make sure you talk and involve everybody. Ask for other people’s opinions. Inclusion is a major marking factor, take into account what other’s have said. Don’t lindly fight your corner and expect that to be good enough. Obviously offer to take time, but make sure you monitor it and make people aware of your deadlines and how long is left.

They cannot assess your skills if you don’t talk so communicate sensibly with everybody, but do not interrupt anybody. Put your point across and demonstrate you’ve listened to others. Being the calm and binding figure in the group can make the difference, combine everybody’s thoughts and opinions to the final solution is important.

Written Exercise:

Make sure you write everything down during your group discussion because you are asked to write it down in a planned report afterwards.

You get 30mins (no way enough time) but it can be done if you plan it and give bullet point sentences. Don’t be long winded and detailed in the extreme but cover the discussion topics. Ensure that you answer the question obviously. Be well planned and you will cover it all, this makes a big difference as planning is a key marking criteria.

Hope this helps… I’ll answer any questions anybody has.

Good luck if you have an assessment centre.


built_from_src are you going to the AC on wednesday?


Information management. I was on reserve list, they rang me up today asking if I can come down to London on Wednesday. Didn’t think that was going to happen as I emailed them on Friday and they said that no one’s dropped out. So I don’t have much time to prepare for the presentation.

Random question, do they provide lunch or are you meant to bring in your own?


Awesome. Being able to talk to the people already on the program always gets me more psyched about it, which I’ll need, I’m feeling quite indifferent about this one. I hope it goes okay… if not it’s good practice right?!


Hello NewGrad.Thanks for sharing your experience. might be a long shot to remember but I wonder if you could give an idea of what sort of questions to expect from the panel on the Olympic Challenges.Would greatly appreciate your help mate.cheers